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  1. Ergogenic substances:
    Used to improve exercise and athletic performance by improving the production of energy
  2. What are the 2 categories of ergogenic substances?
    -ergogenic drugs

    -ergogenic supplements
  3. How does FDA classify ergogenic drugs
    -drugs as substance claimed to prevent, alleviate, or cure a physical or mental illness or cure a physical or mental illness, or affect the structure or function of the body
  4. Are ergogenic drugs regulated by FDA?
    Yes, only if they are labeled as drugs
  5. Common examples of ergogenic drugs
    steroids, growth hormone, EPO
  6. 4 factors when evaluating the supplement
    • -identity of the product
    • *do the contents match the label?
    • *do they do batch testing?

    • -potency
    • *what's on the label is on the product

    • -purity
    • *question purity of herbal supplements
    • **might be infected with herbicides etc.
    • *putting extra stuff that are not on the label\\

    • -bioavailability
    • *can your body absorb the ergogenic aid
  7. (ergogenic supplements) if it does NOT claim to prevent, alleviate, or cure a disease, then it is classified as...
    A dietary supplement under the dietary supplement and health education act (DSHEA)
  8. (ergogenic supplements) 5 safety guidelines
    -no premarket approval necessary

    -burden of proof for unsafe supplements rests with FDA

    -for a supplement to be considered unsafe, FDA must prove that it presents a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury under the conditions of use recommended on the lable

    -dietary supplements are regulated similar to foods

    -supplements do not have to have undergone clinical studies to test safety, effectiveness, or interactions with other drigs
  9. What does "doping in sport " refer to?
    The use of prohibited substances and to methods used to enhance athletic performance
  10. 3 reasons why doping in sports was banned
    -promote fair and equitable competition

    -protect the health of the athletes

    -preserve the integrity of the sport
  11. When was the world anti-doping agency developed?
    Formed in 1999
  12. 3 characteristics of prohibitive substances
    -used to enhance sport performance

    -harmful to athletes

  13. 3 types of prohibitive methods
    • -methods use to avoid detection of drugs
    • *tampering with blood samples

    • -blood boosting
    • *infusing extra RBCs into the body in attempt to increase oxygen-carrying capacity

    • -gene-dropping
    • *non-therapeutic use or manipulation of cells, genes, or gene expression for the enhancement of athletic performance
  14. 6 reasons why people use ergogenic substances
    -enhance performance

    -improve physical appearance

    -prevent or treat injuries

    -treat or cure illness or disease

    -to be accepted by peers

    -to help cope with stress
  15. (ethical issues) 3 foundations to base ethical decisions concerning use of ergogenic substances
    • -principles of a school of thought
    • *Olympic ideal that athletes should win without aids

    -the rules of conduct recognized in certain associations

    -the moral principles by which an individual is guided
  16. 3 areas in which a sport practitioner can evaluate ergogenic aids are in
    -marketing claims

    -research studies

    -safety issues
  17. Evaluating ergogenic aids) 9 most common tactics manufacturers use to sell ergogenic substances
    -general misinterpretation

    -claims that company is currently doing blind research work

    -research not available for public review



    -inappropriately referenced research


    -mail-order fitness evaluations

    -anabolic measurements
  18. Evaluating ergogenic aids) why was the national council against health fraud task force established?
    Evaluate claims that products enhance performance
  19.  Safety issues) does the FDA regulate the supplement industry?
  20. Safety issues) possible risks (5)
    -low energy intake

    -toxicity effects

    -poor quality control

    -incomplete labels and untraceable products

    -illness and death
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