Anatomy: Cardiovascular

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  1. Myocardium
    thick middle layer btw endo and epicardium (right and left)

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  2. Base of Heart
    Superior aspect of heart

    -where blood vessels enter/exit heart
  3. Apex of Heart
    Blunt tip of left ventricle
  4. Sternocostal surface
    -Surface of heart in contact with ribs
  5. Diaphragmatic surface
    Surface of heart in contact with diaphragm
  6. Inferior vena cava
    vein draining blood from everything inferior of the diaphragm to the heart

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    -terminates into right atrium (Largest vein)
  7. Superior vena cava
    vein draining blood from head and upper limbs into heart

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    -terminates into right atrium (right and left brachiocephalic veins)
  8. Ascending aorta
    Artery extending from left ventricle where coronary blood vessels originate 

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    -continues as arch of aorta (posterior to pulmonary trunk)
  9. Pulmonary trunk
    carries blood from right ventricle to lungs 

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    -terminates into pulmonary arteries (anterior to ascending aorta)
  10. Pulmonary arteries
    vessels taking blood to lungs from pulmonary trunk 

    -carries deoxgenated blood
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