Ch 8 Words Part 9

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  1. venipuncture
    small puncture made in vein when withdrawing blood
  2. phlebotomist
    healthcare professional who performs a phlebotomy
  3. positron emission tomography scan
    • PET
    • noninvasive procedure that provides blood flow images using radioactive isotope labeling to produce images of heart to reveal functional defects
  4. sphygmomanometry
    process of measuring pulse gas (blood pressure)
  5. sphygmomanometer
    arm cuff and air pressure pump with a pressure gage
  6. thrombolytic therapy
    • pertaining to loosen or dissolve clot
    • treatments to dissolve unwanted blood clots after surgery to prevent the development of emboli
  7. treadmill stress test
    exercise during echocardiography or electrocardiography in effort to examine heart function under stress
  8. valvuloplasty
    surgical repair of a heart valve
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Ch 8 Words Part 9
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