Ch 8 Words Part 6

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  1. angiography
    xray photography, MRI, or CT scan images of a blood vessel after injection of a contrast medium
  2. angiogram
    image resulting from angiography
  3. cardiac/ coronary angiography
    angiography of the heart
  4. angioplasty
    surgical repair of a blood Bessel
  5. balloon angioplasty
    an inflatable balloon is inserted into a blocked vessel and inflated
  6. laser angioplasty
    laser beam to open a blocked artery
  7. angioscopy
    flexible fiber-optic instrument to endoscope to observe a diseased blood vessel and to asses any lesions
  8. angioscope
    camera at one end and video monitor at the other ends
  9. angiostomy
    creation of an opening into a blood vessel for the insertion of a catheter
  10. angiotomy
    surgical incision into a blood vessel
  11. aortography
    • xray, MRI, CT scan image of aorta
    • process or recording the aorta
  12. aortogram
    image from an aortography
  13. arteriography
    • procedure that provides an image of the artery
    • process of recording the artery
  14. arteriogram
    image from an arteriography
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