Ch 8 Words Part 4

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  1. coronary occlusion
    blockage within a coronary artery
  2. embolism
    blockage or occlusion that forms when a blood clot or other particle (air, fat) moves through the circulation
  3. endocarditis
    inflammation of the endocardium, the thin membrane lining the inside walls of the heart chambers
  4. fibrillation
    condition of uncoordinated, rapid contractions of the muscle forming the ventricles or atria
  5. atrial fibrillation
    • uncoordinated, rapid contraction of the muscle forming the atria
    • blood cant be expelled from atria; not fatal
  6. ventricular fibrillation
    • uncoordinated, rapid contraction of the muscle forming the ventricle
    • ventricles cant expel blood; circulatory collapse
  7. heart block
    block or delay of the normal electrical conduction of the heart
  8. heart murmur
    • abnormal soft, gurgling or blowing sound heard during auscultation of the heart
    • regurgitation of blood through one or more valves
  9. mitral valve prolapse
    • MVP
    • the mitral valve leases during ventricular contraction
  10. hemorrhoids
    presence of dilated or varicose veins in anal region
  11. hypertension
    process of abnormal blood pressure
  12. essential hypertension
    condition which is not traceable to a single cause
  13. secondary hypertension
    high blood pressure that is caused by effects of another disease (atherosclerosis)
  14. hypotension
    condition of abnormally low blood pressure
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