Ch 8 Words Part 3

  1. atrial septal defect
    failure of foreman ovale to close at birth producing opening in the septum
  2. artiomegaly
    abnormally enlarged or dilated atria
  3. atrioventricular block
    injury to the AV node from MI where the AV node dies due to loss of blood flow
  4. cardiac arrest
    cessation of heart activity
  5. sudden cardiac arrest
    • SCA
    • heart stop/ death do to sudden loss of blood flow
  6. cardiac tamponade
    • acute compression of the hear due to accumulation of fluid in the pericardial cavity
    • pertaining to heart plug process
  7. cardiomegaly
    abnormally large heart
  8. cardiomyopathy
    disease of the myocardium of the heart
  9. cardiovalvulitis
    inflammation of the valves of the heart
  10. coarctation
    congenital defect that is present at birth
  11. coarctation of the aorta
    press together of the aorta
  12. congestive heart failure/ left ventricular failure
    • CHF
    • chronic form of heart disease characterized by failure of LV to pump enough blood to supply systemic tissues
  13. cor pulmonale/ right ventricular failure
    chronic enlargement of the right ventricle resulting from congestion of the pulmonary circuit
  14. coronary artery disease
    • CAD
    • general term for disease that afflicts the coronary arteries supplying the heart (atherosclerosis)
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Ch 8 Words Part 3
Ch 8 Words Part 3