AN E 10W Final Exam: Key Terms

  1. 9th of AB
    • AD 70
    • -northern city falls
    • -second temple is destroyed and northern city falls 
    • -jews forbiddin to visit jerusalem
  2. Night Journey
    Story of Muhammad traveling to Jerusalem on Baraq before ascending into heaven where he speaks with God directly and receives instructions to give to people
  3. Abbasids
    • -dessert tribes
    • -overthrew the Umayyah
    • -3rd caliphae
  4. Abd al-Malik
    • -Umayyad ruler who completed the dome of the rock 
    • -improved road
    • -reforms coinage
  5. Aelia Capitalina
    • -City built by Hadrian.
    • -Renamed Jerusalem after his family name.
    • -Not tolerant of Christianity
  6. Al-Aqsa Mosque
    -mosque built on top of the rock
  7. al-Quds
    Translated in Arabic, it means "The Holy". It is one of the names for Jerusalem
  8. aliyah
    -immigration of Jews from diaspora to the land of Israel
  9. Armenian Quarter
  10. Balfour Declaration
    -british recognition of a jewish national home in palestine
  11. Revolt of Bar Kokhba (Kosiba)
    • -second jewish revolt
    • -led by Simon Kosiba
  12. British Mandate
    Legal commission giving british rule over Palestine
  13. Cardo Maximus
    • -north/south city streets
    • -turned Jerusalem into a typical roman city
  14. Church of Anastasis
  15. Christian quarter
    -northwest corner
  16. Constantine
    • -moved capital from rome to constantinople
    • -legalizes christianity through edict of milan
  17. Damascus Gate
    -main entrance to jerusalem
  18. Dome of the Rock
    • -Where Abraham tried to sacrifice his son.
    • -Where Muhammad would make Ascension to heaven then return to Mecca.
  19. Edicule(Holy Sepulcher)
    tomb of jesus
  20. Fatmids
    • -fatamid caliphate dynasty in Egypt.
    • -moved capital from bagdad to cairo
  21. Furthest mosque
    • al aqsa mosque.
    • -Temple mount, place of the night journey.
  22. General Allenby
    British general who brought in troops and took Jerusalem from the Ottomans at the end of WWI
  23. Golden Gate
    • -oldest gate
    • -believed to be where messiah will return
  24. Godfrey of Bouillon
    • frankish knight,
    • -leader of the first crusade.
    • -Siege of JErusalem in 1099.
    • -Refused title of King
  25. Hadrian
    rebuilt the pantheon. built temple of aphrodite on golgotha. built many things, causing a jewish revolt which was surpressed by the Romans
  26. Hanukkah
    The eight-day festival commemorating the rededications of the Jerusalem temple after the maccabean revolt against the Syrians.
  27. Haram esh-shariff
    Is defined as temple mount in arabic. It is the place where Abraham built the alter. It is also the sight where king Solomon built the first temple, eventually destroyed by the Babylonians and rebuilt by Herod.
  28. Hasmoneans
    • -alternative name for the Maccabeans
    • -family of Jewish priests that revolted against syria
  29. hierosolyma
    -greek name of Jerusalem
  30. Hill of Offense
    • Southern part of Mount of olives
    • -called the Hill of Offense, because of a legend that upon it King Solomon erected altars to the gods of his thousand pagan wives
  31. Helena
    • -mother of constantine
    • -pilgrimage and discovery of the true cross in 324
  32. Church of the Holy Sepulcher
    • -In christian quarter
    • -jesus was crucified, buried and resurrectd
  33. Jewish quarter
    -south west Jerusalem
  34. Julian
    • -Emperor of Rome
    • -rejected Christianity
  35. Justinian
    • -emperor
    • -built Nea church
  36. Jospehus
    -Jew historian who described king herods life
  37. Madaba Map
    • map of Christian Jerusalem during Justinian times;
    • -jerusalem is center
    • -shows Church of H.S., Damascus gate, Cardo Maximus road, Nea Church
  38. Mamluk
    • 1.) slave soldiers who converted to Islam. they
    • 2.) eventually became a powerful military caste and even governed Egypt from 1250 to 1517.
    • 3.) They destroyed the Crusader kingdoms of Outremer, and saved Syria, Egypt and the holy places of Islam from the Mongols.
  39. Mosque of Omar
    -located opposite the southern courtyard of the Holy speulcher
  40. Muhammad
    -founder of islam
  41. Mughrabi Quarter
    • -extension of Muslim quarter
    • -A few days after the Six-Day War, Israel destroyed the Mughrabi quarter to build the Western Wall Plaza
  42. Mount Moriah
    -where the binding of Isaac took place
  43. Mount Zion
    • -Temple mount
    • -Same as mount moriah
  44. Mount of Olives
    The name of the hillside where Jesus and his apostles went to after they celebrated their last Passover meal together
  45. Muslim quarter
    North eastern
  46. Nachmanides
    -a leading medieval Jewish scholar,Spanish Sephardic rabbi, philosopher,physician,kabbalist, and biblical commentator. He was raised, studied, and lived for most of his life inGirona, Catalonia.
  47. Nehemiah
    • -Governor who rebuilds walls of the city, builds on Ezra's reforms,
    • -battles social injustice in Jerusalem
  48. Omar, Ummayid caliph
    638 AD takes Jerusalem from Byzantine
  49. Nea church
    • a Byzantine church erected by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian 
    • -Jewish quarter
  50. Peel Plan
    • 1st document that wanted partition of Palestine and internationalization of Jerusalem.
    • -rejected.
    • -Wanted to divide land between jews and palestinians
  51. qiblah
    direction of muslim prayer
  52. Robinson's Arch
    stood at southwest corner of temple mount. built during reconstruction of second temple by Herod the Great.
  53. Salah ad-Din (Saladin)
    • -1st sultan of egypt.
    • -founded Ayyubid dynasty. Muslim who had control of all the crusader states
  54. Simon Maccabeus
    • -Hasmonean prince, high priest
    • -leader of the Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid dynasty
    • -freed jews from Syrians
    • -killed by Ptolemy
  55. Sasanians
    • -Persian Empire
    • -takes Palestine and Jerusalem in 614 from Byzantines
  56. Solomon's stables
    -muslim prayer hall under the al-aqsa mosque under temple mount. Base of southern wall of Temple mount
  57. St. Anne's Church
    • -crusader church
    • - Built between 1131 and 1138
    • -dedicated to parents of St.Mary
    • -was not destroyed by saladin but converted to a madrasa or school seminary
  58. Templum Solomoni
  59. Templum Domini
    -was a Christian church set up on the site of the Dome of the Rock during the crusades
  60. Temple of Jupiter
    • Hadrian
    • Built a Temple of Jupiter in AD 135
  61. Temple of Aphrodite
    -Hadrian project
  62. Sulieman the Magnificent
    • -10th sultan of Ottoman empire. during the peak of their power
    • -rebuilds walls of Jerusalem 
    • -gives western wall to jews
    • -population tripled during his reign
  63. Titus
    • -Roman ruler who destroyed Temple and Jerusalem in AD 70 
    • -Arch of Titus in Rome
    • -exile jewish population
  64. Ummayads
    • -dynasty of Sunni caliphs that ruled the Muslim empire;
    • -building of the Dome of the Rock
  65. Vespasian
    • -proclaimed emperor of Rome
    • -Titus is his son
    • -tax on Jews
  66. Map of Jerusalem Old City
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  67. Map of Jerusalem Old City (2)
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  68. Western Wall
    • -western prayer area on Temple mount
    • -only remaining part of the second temple
  69. Gates
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