Shooting an Elephant

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  1. to bait sb
    to tease; to deliberately try to make someone angry (дразнить. не давать покоя, изводить)
  2. nimble
    • - able to move quickly and easily (проворный, ловкий)
    • - someone who has a nimble mind is intelligent and learns things quickly
  3. to hoot after sb
    EX: The insults hooted after me when I was at a safe distance.
    to shout or laugh usually derisively (/ai/ - c насмешкой) (выражать неодобрение криками, улюлюканьем)
  4. at close quarters (form)
    EX: She was able to observe the system at close quarters.
    EX2: My parents lived at c.q.
    from a position that is very close to someone or something (some conflict or discomfort is implied here)
  5. to huddle
    Mike's example about American football - team huddles before the match
    to move close together in order to stay warm, feel safe, or talk (жаться)
  6. - cowed face
    - to cow (trans)
    EX: They refused to be cowed.
    • - intimidated
    • - to make someone do what you want by frightening them
  7. - 'convict
    - to con'vict sb of sth
    • - a person serving a prison sentence (каторжник); a person found guilty of an offence against the law, esp one who is sentenced to imprisonment (осужденный)
    • - to pronounce (someone) guilty of an offence
  8. to supplant
    EX: he easily supplanted his rival
    to take the place of, often by trickery or force
  9. to clamp down on sth/sb (intrans)
    EX: the police are clamping down on speeders
    to behave repressively; attempt to repress something regarded as undesirable (подавлять, пресекать)
  10. to inflict sth on sth
    to impose (something unwelcome, such as pain, oneself, etc) (наносить удар, причинять боль, назначить наказание)
  11. to profess sth/ to be (have) sth (trans)
    EX: to profess to be a skilled driver
    to claim (something, such as a feeling or skill, or to be or do something), often insincerely or falsely
  12. to halt
    EX: “Halt! Who goes there?”
    to stop moving, or to stop a person or vehicle from moving
  13. futility (n)
    (Syn: spitting in the wind, vanity, hollowness)
    futile (adj)
    lack of effectiveness or success;  lack of purpose or meaning (тщетность,  поверхностность)
  14. squeamish about sth
    (squeamishness -N)
    easily sickened or nauseated, as by the sight of blood; easily frightened (брезгливый, легкоранимый)
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