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  1. schizophrenia is considered a ______ disorder , it is a ______ of thought
    psychotic, disruption
  2. top three living places for people with schizophrenia
    • 1- unsupervised living
    • 2- Living w/ family member
    • 3- supervised living `
  3. symptoms of schizophrenia
    • -incoherence
    • -neologisms
    • -loose associations
    • -preservation
    • -blocked speech
  4. speech is not understandable but can sound like english
  5. -new words
    -sound like mother tongue, but not real words
    -pop up randomly in speech
  6. -connection between ideas
    -talking about one thing, and flip to another because it has a similar theme
    loose associations
  7. -repeating of same word or phrase 
    -like a loop that cant stop
  8. -not capable of continuing speech
    blocked speech
  9. thought disorders cause symptoms, the main point is that schizophrenic's thinking is ____
  10. -active (acute)
    -non active (chronic)
    schizophrenia thought disorder cycles
  11. when there is an increase in psychotic symptoms, this phase is considered
    active (acute)
  12. -activities of daily living are impaired
    -decrease in psychotic symptoms
    -period of time where one is "better"
    non active (chronic)
  13. -delusions
    -motor behavior
    positive symptoms of schizo
  14. -thought control
    types of delusions
  15. -thought insertion
    -thought broadcasting, or other know what one is thinking
    -thought withdrawl (thought are believed to have been drawn from the mind)
    thought control delusional positive symptom
  16. delusions are very _____ to experience
  17. another essence of schizo is how patients _____ happening to ______
    happenings, themselves
  18. believing one has special powers and abilities
    grandeur delusional symptom of schizo
  19. delusions in the body, normally occurring bodily symptoms are misinterpreted
    somatic delusional symptoms of schizo
  20. a psychotic symptom of schizo
    -audible thoughts 
    -almost always negative arguing about person
    -comments are about person
    -heard like they are outside of the body
    hallucination symptoms of schizo
  21. -disorganization or catatonic immobility
    Motor Behavior symptom of schizo
  22. -restriction of: affect, verbal production, and purposeful behavior
    negative symptoms of schizo
  23. the ___ and ____ lobes are affected most by schizo
    frontal and temporal
  24. -positive symptoms
    -good premorbid adjustment
    -good response to psychotic drugs
    -fair outcome of disorder
    -abnormal neurotransmitter activity
    type I schizo
  25. -negative symptoms
    -poor premorbid adjustment
    -bad response to psychotic drugs
    -poor outcome of disorder
    -abnormal brain structures
    type II schizo
  26. -paranoid
    subcategories of schizo
  27. -positive symptoms
    -high functioning
    paranoid subcategory of schizo
  28. -positive symptoms
    -relatively poor functioning
    Disorganized subcategory of schizo
  29. -negative symptoms
    -off posturing
    catatonic subcategory of schizo
  30. Etiology: Biological
    -they are not completely genetic
    -neurotransmitter imbalances
    structural brain abnormalities
  31. Etiology: Biological
    -____ overload theory is more likely in which type?
    -______ imbalances are reduced by conventional antipsychs
    type I, neurotransmitter
  32. Etiology: Biological
    -dopamine + serotonin overload occurs more often in what type?
    type 2
  33. Etiology: Biological
    -there is a ___ link 
    -more likely to be causal
  34. Etiology: Sociocultural
    - _____ dysfunction 
    -_____ communication
    - _____ ses
    - one becomes less fxnional and then they make ____ income
    family, poor, lower, less
  35. Etiology: Cognitive
    -could be ___ in terms of depression
    -abnormal ____ development + ____ to strange symptoms
    • -causal
    • -brain; response
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