5th set

  1. Question#: 1 Type: Three-Part Question Question: WHO is the enemy that sowed them, WHAT is the end of the world, and WHO are the reapers according to Matthew 13?
    Answer: 1) the devil; 2) the harvest 3) the angels
  2. Question#: 2 Type: Direct Question Question: Certain of the scribes sitting there reasoned in their hearts what two questions as found in Mark 2:7?
    Answer: Why doth this man thus speak blasphemies? who can forgive sins but God only?
  3. Question#: 3 Type: Three-Part Question Question: When they came to Capernaum, WHO asked WHO WHAT question according to Matthew chapter 17?
    Answer: 1) they that received tribute money 2) Peter, 3) Doth not your master pay tribute?
  4. Question#: 4 Type: Direct Question Question: And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: and there shall be WHAT according to Matthew 13:42
    Answer: wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  5. Question#: 5 Type: Quotation Completion Question Question: Then Jesus called his disciples unto him, and said, I have compassion on the multitude, ?.
    • Answer: ... because they continue with me now three days, and have
    • nothing to eat: and I will not send them away fasting, lest they faint
    • in the way.
  6. Question#: 6 Type: Direct Question Question: Of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? WHAT was the response of Peter to this question.
    Answer: of strangers
  7. Question#: 7 Type: Direct Question Question: What would the heavenly Father give to them that ask him according to Luke 11:13?
    Answer: The Holy Spirit
  8. Question#: 8 Type: Two-Part Question Question: What was gathered into vessels and what was cast away according to Matthew 13:48?
    Answer: 1) the good 2) the bad
  9. Question#: 9 Type: Direct Question Question: In Matthew 13:29, he said Nay, lest WHAT?
    Answer: lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them.
  10. Question#: 10 Type: Direct Question Question: Who lay sick of a fever according to Mark 1:30?
    Answer: Simon's wife's mother (Simon's mother-in-law)
  11. Question#: 11 Type: Direct Question Question: How many were fed according to Matthew chapter 15?
    Answer: four thousand men, beside women and children
  12. Question#: 12 Type: Two-Part Question Question: Who are the children of the kingdom and who are the children of the wicked one?
    Answer: 1) the good seed 2) the tares
  13. Type: Direct Question Question: What did Jesus instructed Peter to do according to Matthew 17:27?
    • Answer: go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish that
    • first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a
    • piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee.
  14. Question#: 14 Type: Direct Question Question: Who were sitting there and reasoning in their hearts according to Mark 2:6?
    Answer: certain of the scribes
  15. Question#: 15 Type: Direct Question Question: What did Jesus say unto the woman with infirmity?
    Answer: Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity.
  16. Question#: 16 Type: Quotation Completion Question Question: And he took the seven loaves and the fishes, ?
    Answer: ... and gave thanks, and brake them, and gave to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.
  17. Question#: 17 Type: Two-Part Question Question: According to Matthew chapter 12, how is against Jesus and who scatters abroad?
    Answer: 1) He that is not with me (Jesus) 2) he that gathereth not with me (Jesus)
  18. Question#: 18 Type: Quotation Question Question: Quote the book of Luke chapter 11 verse 12.
    Answer: Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?
  19. Question#: 19 Type: Quotation Question Question: Quote the book of Luke chapter 5 verse 37.
    • Answer: And no man putteth new wine into old bottles; else the new wine
    • will burst the bottles, and be spilled, and the bottles shall perish.
  20. Question#: 20 Type: Quotation Question Question: Quote the book of Mark chapter 4 verse 12.
    • Answer: That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may
    • hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted,
    • and their sins should be forgiven them.
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