Marketing Ch 12 Services

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  1. What are 4 characteristics of service?
    • Intangibility: Cant be touched
    • Inseparability: Produced and consumed simultaneously
    • Heterogeneity: high outcome variability
    • Perishability: Cant be store
  2. What is difference between...
    Search Quality Attributes
    Experience Quality Attributes
    Credence Quality Attributes
    • SQA: Can be evaluated before purchase ex doctors office
    • EQA: Can be evaluated after using product/service
    • CQA: Cannot be fully evaluated even after using product/service. Ex. how good was doctors diagnosis.
  3. What are Service Quality Dimensions?
    • Reliability¬†
    • Responsiveness
    • Assurance
    • Empathy
    • Tangibles
  4. What is the product strategy for services?
    • Design of tangibles: how do we design the tangible elements so customer gets right impression.
    • Design of the service process: process for objects or people, do we customization or standardization?
    • What is the customers role in service process?
  5. What is the promotion strategies for services?
    • Emphasizing tangible cues
    • Engaging in post purchase communication
    • using personal information
    • creating a strong org image
  6. What are non profit org?
    an org that exists to achieve some goal other than profits or return on investment
  7. Why do non profits need marketing?
    • need to offer quality services efficiently
    • to influence attitudes or promote ideas.
    • educate/change behavior of consumer
    • collect donations
  8. What are some challenges of non profit marketing?
    • Target markets may be apathetic or strongly opposed.
    • Benefits complex or difficult to explain
    • Non profits tend to have limited resources
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