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  1. the end line
  2. term used to designate a defensive players position under that backboard which prevents an offensive player from achieving good rebounding position
    Boxing Out
  3. personal contact against the body of an opponent by a player with the ball
  4. a violation where the dribbler stops the ball and starts to dribble again or dribbles with two hands simultaneously
    double dribble
  5. a series of continuous bounces using the finger pads of one hand to tap the ball
  6. an aggressive move towards the basket by player with the ball
  7. using a deceptive move with the ball to pull the defensive player out of position
    fake (feint)
  8. moving the ball quickly down court in order to score before the defense can set up
    fast break
  9. a basket scored from the field, worth two points, unless outside the three point line, then of course worth three points
    field goal
  10. a rule infraction involving contact, resulting in possession to the fouled team or free throws to the individual if fouled in the act of shooting
  11. a privilege given a player to score one, two, or three points by unhindered throw for a goal from within the free throw circle and behind the free throw line
    free throw
  12. a shot where a player releases the ball close to the basket while continuing to run off one foot
  13. take place when a player who is holding the ball steps once or more than once in any direction with the same foot; the other foot, called the pivot foot, being kept at its point of contact with the floor
  14. a team's attempt to take the ball away from their opponent before they can set up their offense
  15. when a shot bounces off the backboard or basket and is pulled down by a player
  16. a violation when a player in possession of the ball progresses illegally in any direction (ex. moving with the ball without dribbling)
  17. an infraction of the rules resulting in a throw-in from out of bounds for the opponents (usually involving movement, time, or boundaries).
  18. How many players are on the court in basketball?
    5 at a time with unlimited substitutions (usually 2 forwards, 2 guards, and 1 center)
  19. What are the two basic types of offensive attacks in basketball?
    the slow deliberate attack and the fast break attack
  20. what are the two main types of defense in basketball?
    • man to man - each player is assigned a specific person to guard
    • zone - defensive players are assigned a specified area to guard (the object is to keep your opponent away from the basket or take the ball away from your person or person in your assigned zone area)
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