Vocab 6

  1. salver
    a small silver round tray
  2. saute
    cooked in small amount of fat with high heat
  3. sear
    put in extremely hot pan, turning meat from side to side to seal in natural juices
  4. service cloth
    a cloth used by a waiter to handle hot serviceware
  5. service plate
    plate used as part of the setting, mostly in formal service
  6. shallots
    onion-like plant whose bulbs resemble garlic but are milder
  7. side stand
    cabinet containing supplies used during service
  8. sommelier
    wine steward
  9. sorbet
    flavored ice
  10. souffle
    baked dish made from beaten egg whites combined with egg yolks and various ingredients such as cheese, spinach, chicken or chocolate
  11. soup spoon
    large round bowl spoon used for eating soup.
  12. spaetzle
    german egg dumpling
  13. station
    the tables assigned to a single waiter or team of waiters
  14. steep
    to soak in a liquid below boiling point to extract flavor
  15. table d'hote
    meal served in several courses at set price
  16. tart
    used interchangeably with flan; open or single crusted
  17. terrine
    an earthenware casserole. also used to designate the food prepared in the dish, such as terrine of chicken
  18. thermidor
    lobster or other meat cooked with white wine, egg yolk, and white sauce served in shell
  19. torte
    a rich layered cake, variously made
  20. tournedoes
    small tenderloin steaks
  21. turnover
    to serve two or more parties of guests during a meal period at a single table
  22. ubiquitous
    being everywhere at the same time
  23. umami
    the fifth sense of taste - the concept is that one food can enhance the flavor of another food
  24. underliner
    a plate used under another plate or glass for ease of handling, or to make the service more attractive
  25. veloute
    white sauce made from fish, chicken or veal stock
  26. vichyssoise
    hot or cold potato and leek soup
  27. vinaigrette
    dressing made with oil, vinegar and herbs
  28. zest
    the rind of citrus fruits
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