Vocab 4

  1. Ganache
    chocolate, cream and butter used for icing or decoration
  2. garnish
    a supplement food item added to a dish or platter for visual appeal
  3. gateau
    fancy sponge cake
  4. goblet
    a footed water glass of at least 8 oz
  5. grill
    to cook by direct heat from below
  6. gueridon
    cart used for tableside cooking
  7. half and half
    a mixture of cream and milk for coffee; contains less cream than coffee cream
  8. hollandaise
    sauce made with egg yolk, clarified butter and lemon
  9. hors d'oeuvres
    small appetizers
  10. jardiniere
    with garden vegetables or cut 1/4 inch by 1 inch
  11. jicama
    thin skinned root vegetable, crisp with slightly sweet taste used in salads
  12. julienne
    cut in thin strips, 1/8 inch by 1 inch
  13. kabob
    cubes of meat and other foods cooked on skewer
  14. lait
  15. legume
    vegetable, also such foods as peas, beans and lentils
  16. lyonnaise
    sliced or chopped food fried in butter with onions
  17. maƮtre d'Hotel
    • 1. with spiced butter
    • 2. person in charge of the dining room
  18. marinate
    to allow food to soak or steep in marinade so flavors are absorbed
  19. mark
    term used to denote the practice of presetting the proper silverware before each course is served
  20. meuniere
    pan fried and served with brown butter, lemon and parsley
  21. mignon
  22. minestrone
    Italian vegetable soup with noodles and cheese
  23. mise en place
    literally, put in place, the French term for preparation or sidework; widely used
  24. mixed grill
    any combination of 3 kinds of meat on one plate
  25. mocha
    a mixture of coffee and chocolate
  26. monkey dish
    a bowl-like dish, about 3 inches across, used for single orders of vegetables - also called nappy dish
  27. mornay
    white sauce with cheese
  28. mousse
    dishes, mostly served cold, made of whipped cream, gelatin and flavoring
  29. nicoise
    in the style of Nice, with garlic, tomato, olive and anchovy
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