Physics for Board Study

  1. Energy of electromagnetic radiation is ____ proportional to ______ wavelength, but is _____proportional to frequency
    • inversely
    • directly
  2. Bohr's model shows the majority of the mass of an atom derived from the _____
    nucleus (protons and neutrons)
  3. When a neutral atom loses an electron by ionization is it called
    positive ion
  4. 1CI=
    3.7X1010 dps
  5. All radiations in the electromagnetic spectrum have the same ____regardless of ____ or ____
    • speed/velocity
    • wavelength or frequency
  6. All photons in the em spectrum have the same
    velocity, mass and charge----none
  7. _____is the removal of an electron from an atom
  8. When decay is happening, radiation is emitted from the ____
  9. PDD changes with ____ and is affected by ___,____,____, and the ____
    • depth
    • energy, field size, SSD and the medium

    ***higher energies have greater penetrating power thus PDD at a given depth and the SSD are increased
  10. As field size increased, the absorbed dose is
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Physics for Board Study
Physics for Board Study