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  1. Anatomy:
    The study of the structure and shape of the body and its parts and their relationship to one another
  2. Physiology:
    The study of how the body and its parts work and function
  3. Levels of Structural Organization
    • 1. Chemical Level
    • 2. Cellular Level
    • 3. Tissue Level
    • 4. Organ Level
    • 5. Organ System Level 
    • 6. Organismal Level
  4. Responsiveness:
    The ability to sense change in the environment and then react to them. 

    Also known as Irritability
  5. Metabolism:
    A broad term that refers to all chemical reactions that occur within body cells 

    -Depends on digestive, respiratory, and muscular systems to bring nutrients to cells 

    -Regulated by hormones
  6. Homeostasis:
    The body's ability to maintain relatively stable internal condition
  7. Homeostasis Control Mechanism
    • 1. Receptor: A type of sensor that responds                     to stimuli 
    • 2. Control Center: Determines the level at                               which a variable is to be                             maintained  
    • 3. Effector: The response of the control center
  8. Define Anatomical Position
    The body is standing at attention with its palms facing forward
  9. Anterior
    The front surface of the body 

    Also know as Ventral
  10. Posterior
    The back surface of the patient

    Also know as Dorsal
  11. Superior
    Closest to the head
  12. Inferior
    Closest to the feet
  13. Proximal
    Closest to the point of attachment
  14. Distal
    Farthest from the point of attachment
  15. Medial
    Closest to the midline
  16. Lateral
    Farthest from the midline
  17. Superficial
    Closest to the surface of the skin
  18. Deep
    Farthest from the surface of the skin
  19. Coronal Plane
    Front and back (anterior and posterior)

    Also know as Frontal Section
  20. Transverse Plane
    Top and bottom (Superior and Inferior)

    Also know as Cross Section
  21. Sagittal Plane
    Left and Right
  22. Midsagittal Plane
    Left and Right (equal halves) 

    Also know as Midline
  23. What does the Dorsal Body Cavity consist of?
    1. Cranial Cavity

    2. Spinal Cavity
  24. The Cranial Cavity houses what?
    The Brain
  25. The Spianal Cavity houses what?
    The Spinal Cord
  26. What does the Ventral Body Cavity consist of?
    1. Thoracic Cavity:

    2. Abdominal Cavity:

    3. Pelvic Cavity:
  27. The Thoracic Cavity houses what?
    1. Pleural Cavity:

    2. Pericardial Cavity:

    3. Mediastinum Cavity:Trachea, Esophagus,                                     and Pericardial cavity
  28. The Abdominal Cavity houses what?
    1. Stomach 

    2. Liver

    3. Intestines
  29. The Pelvic Cavity houses what?
    1. Reproductive Organs

    2. Bladder

    3. Rectum
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