ICND 2 Chapter 4

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  1. In what order does OSPF Choose the router ID?
    • Router ID, but if not set then
    • Loop-back, if none then
    • the highest IP address on an active interface
  2. With OSPF what are the hello and dead timers, and how long are they?
    • Hello timer is an advertisement that the router is still active, and is sent every 10 seconds.
    • If there is no hello packet received within 40 second (the dead timer) the neighbor router is considered no longer active and is said to be dead.
  3. What is true about OSPF passwords for authentication between 2 routers?
    The passwords on the 2 routers must be the same for authentication to happen.
  4. What algorithm does OSPF use to construct its SPF tree?
    OSPF uses the Dijkstra algorithm.
  5. What is the major reason for setting loopback address for OSPF to use instead of an interface address for its ID?
    You should set a loop back address, because it is stable and can't go down like a real interface can.
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ICND 2 Chapter 4
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