Chapter 9 Vocab

  1. Mandate
    A formal order given by a higher authority.
  2. Forum
    Medium for discussion.
  3. Executive Order
    A rule issued by the president that has the force of law.
  4. Impoundment
    The president's refusal to spend money Congress has voted to fund a program.
  5. Reprieve
    The postponement of legal punishment.
  6. Pardon
    A release from legal punishment.
  7. Amnesty
    A group pardon to individuals for an offense against the government.
  8. Patronage
    The practice of granting favors to reward party loyalty.
  9. Treaty
    A formal agreement between the governments of 2 or more counties.
  10. Executive Agreement
    An agreement made between the president and a head of state.
  11. De Facto
    Existing "in fact" rather than legally.
  12. Covert
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Chapter 9 Vocab
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