Vocab 3

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  1. du jour
    of the day
  2. demitasse
    a small cup or spoon; black coffee served in a  small cup
  3. deuce
    term used for a table for two
  4. dinner fork
    the larger of two forks used in a place setting
  5. duchesse potatoes
    pureed potatoes and beaten egg yolks, forced through a pastry tube, then browned slightly in a hot oven;  used as a border for planked dishes
  6. dumbwaiter
    a small elevator between two or more floors of a restaurant to transport trays and bus boxes
  7. eclair
    oblong cream puff filled with custard, and iced
  8. eighty-six (86)
    items you are out of
  9. en casserole
    baked or served in an individual dish
  10. en papillote
    baked in an oiled paper bag
  11. entree
    originally, food served between heavy courses; now, generally the main dish
  12. entrement
    sweet, dessert
  13. escargots
  14. espagnole
    basic brown sauce
  15. espresso
    dark, rich, roasted Italian coffee served in a demitasse
  16. expeditor
    an individual who calls waiters orders to cooks in the kitchen and facilitates the gathering of orders for waiter
  17. family style
    a service concept in which platters of food are placed on table
  18. filet mignon
    tenderloin of beef
  19. filet
    tenderloin of beef, mutton, veal or pork without the bone
  20. fillet of fish
    side of fish off the bone
  21. finger bowl
    a bowl of warm water, with either perfume, lemon slice, or rose petals, served after finger-dirtying foods in some restaurants
  22. flambe
    served with flaming liqueur
  23. flan
    open tart filled with fruit, cream, etc.
  24. florentine
    with spinach
  25. fondue
    melted cheese
  26. frappe
  27. fried
    cooked in a small amount of fat in a pan; deep-fried, cooked in a large amount of fat
  28. fritters
    food pieces mixed or coated with a thick batter, then dropped by spoonfuls into hot fat
  29. fromage
  30. froid
  31. fume
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