Harper's Beef, Rib, Pork

  1. Prime Rib (Prime)
    11 or 16oz. of slow roasted Prime Rib served with an over-stuffed baked potato and au jus An 8oz. cut (Lt.Prime) is also available.
  2. Filet (Filet)
    8 ounce center cut filet wrapped in applewood smoked bacon, grilled and served on asparagus with a loaded potato. Offered simply grilled or pimento cheese encrusted.
  3. Slow Smoked Danish Baby Back Ribs (BACK)
    16 oz. rack of imported Danish pork ribs served with Carolina Cole Slaw and French fries. An 8 oz. half rack is also available.
  4. Ancho Rubbed Sirloin
    8oz center cut top sirloin rubbed with ancho chili spice, grilled to temperature and topped with habanero butter.
  5. Texas Beef Brisket
    8oz of authentic slow smoked bbq angus beef, sliced and served with cole slaw and fries. Western or Eastern sauce.
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Harper's Beef, Rib, Pork
Harper's Beef, Rib, Pork