SAI Awards and badges

  1. What are the names of the two regulation badges that are available?
    • Vermeil (gold electroplate over sterling silver) ,semi-crown set pearls. 
    • 10k with full crown set pearls
  2. Sword of Honor
    A gold sword given for outstanding fraternity service, or for exceptional campus or community leadership. The Patroness Sword of Honor is the same sword, but with a sapphire inset, give to a patroness.
  3. Ruby Sword of Honor
    A gold sword inset with a ruby, given each year to the candidate chosen as the Province Leadership Award winner.
  4. Rose of Honor
    A gold rose with a ruby center, given ONLY to those alumna or patroness who have given outstanding or extraordinary service to the fraternity, the community, and the local chapter.
  5. Wreath of Achievement
    A gold circle of laurel leaves with the crest, awarded for countiued, outstanding and faithful service to the local chapter, the community, the fraternity (beyond the local level), and music.
  6. Rose of Dedication
    A gold rose with a pearl center, surrounded by laurel with the crest,
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SAI Awards and badges
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