Ch. 8 Vertabrae

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  1. What are the 3 divisions of the spine, and how many bones are in each division?
    • Cervical (7)
    • Thoracic¬†(12)
    • Lumbar (5)
  2. What are the last 2 components of the spinal column and how many (fused) bones does each have?
    • Sacral vertebrae (5)
    • Coccygeal vertebrae (4)
  3. What is the top vertebrae called?
    Atlas (connects to skull)
  4. What is the name for the second vertebrae from the top?
    Axis (right below atlas)
  5. Image Upload 1
    Body of vertabrae
  6. Image Upload 2
  7. Image Upload 3
  8. Image Upload 4
    Spinous process
  9. Image Upload 5
    Superior articular facets (inferior look the same on the bottom)
  10. Image Upload 6
    Transverse process
  11. Image Upload 7
    Vertebral foramen
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