carpentry 1- worksite safety

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  1. what is the prime contractor responsible for?
    ensure compliance with the act and regulations as well as ensuring first aid services and equipment and supplies are available
  2. who is the prime contractor?
    the owner of the site unless other arrangements have been made
  3. what is a joint worksite heath and safety committee?
    its a communication link between workers and management
  4. what are the 4 levels of accidents?
    • near miss-a close call that does not cause injury
    • first aid- cuts are scratches
    • medical aid-report to a dr.
    • lost time claims(ltc)-injured and not available to work
  5. what should you do if your using hazardous materials?
    read the msds material safety data sheets to see what ppe to wear and what to do if accidentally exosed
  6. headwear must comply with?
    csa canadian standard assoc.
  7. what should you do when working alone?
    establish an effective means of communication
  8. what should you never use to clean off your body?
    compressed air
  9. what is a trench?
    a dug out area of ground whose depth exceeds its width at the bottom
  10. can fall arrest systems be used once involved in a fall?
  11. when should a fall protection system be used?
    potential fall height of 3m / 10 ft
  12. what is a body belt used for?
    to prevent you from falling past the edge of the roofline. must not be used in situations in which a fall can occur
  13. what are the specifications of a body harness fall arrest system?
    should not allow a fall of more than 1.2m/4' with out a shock absorber and 2m 6'6" with a shock absorber
  14. what are the 8 steps to handle an emergency situation?
    • 1. take charge
    • out for help
    • 3.asses hazards and make the area safe
    • 4.find out what happened
    • 5.identify yourself and offer to help
    • 6.if head or spinal injuries are suspected support the head and neck
    • 7.assess responsiveness
    • 8.send or go for medical help or administer first aid
  15. who is responsible for ensuring that scaffolding designed for static load are not subject to impact loading?
    all parties (workers, employers, principal contractors)
  16. what is hyperthermia?
    when the body is to hot/ heat stroke
  17. what are signs of frost bite?
    skin appears white and waxy
  18. what is hypothermia?
    when the body gets to cold..thinking  sluggish, speech slurred, shivering
  19. what can happen if your exposed to co carbon monoxide on a daily basis?
    you may be poisoned long term
  20. do you have super powers?
    no you do not!
  21. what do overexertion injuries involve?
    sprain strain tear injury
  22. list 4 employer responsibilties
    • 1. chemical hazards
    • 2.first aid
    • 3.general safety
    • 4.noise + ventillation
  23. list 3 employee responsibilities
    • 1. work in a safe manner
    • safety conscious
    • 3.cooperate with employer
  24. list 3 things you should do before performing anyjob
    • foresee any safety hazards
    • 2.ensure all equipment is ready and working
    • 3.ensure everyone is aware of their duties
  25. why is it important to report a near miss, first aid, or medical aid accident?
    all accidents can be prevented so stopping it before its a problem will reduce large injuries
  26. what should you do before using any ppe?
    ensure it is working
  27. when should you wear a hard hat?
    if possibility of head injury is present
  28. when must you wear eye protection?
    when there is danger of injury or irritation
  29. when should you wear hearing protection?
    when sound is loud enough or if you are exposed for extended periods
  30. who must provide respiratory protection when required?
    the employer
  31. when is it safe to enter a trench more than 1.5 m deep?
    the walls are cut back at an appropriate angle or a temporary protective structure is installed, or a combo of the 2
  32. the top member of a guardrail required to protect workers from falling through a floor opening must be located at what height above the base?
    mot less than .92m or more than 107m
  33. when should you wear a body belt?
    when you are working near an edge and they are meant to prevent you from falling not stop you while falling
  34. when should you use a body harness?
    when possibility of falling exists
  35. when is asbestos primarily hazardous?
    when distubed
  36. can natural wood dust be a hazard?
  37. list 4 warning signs of over exposure to a substance
    • 1. shortness of breath
    • 2.dryness/ soreness of throat
    • 3.sneezing
    • 4.fatigue
  38. what will happen if you overexert yourself while lifting , pushing, pulling?
    can involve tissues such as muscles tendons and ligaments and can be a sprain strain or tear injury
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