Harper's Desserts

  1. Deep Dish Apple Pie (App Pie)
    Made with apples, nuts cinnamon, brown sugar and butter. Heated, topped with 1 scoop of vanilla Blue Bunny ice cream and sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar.
  2. The Ultimate Brownie (Brownie)
    Chocolate brownie topped with chocolate icing, mixed nuts, Blue Bunny ice cream, whipped cream and a dash of Kahlua.
  3. Key Lime Pie (Key Lime)
    Harper's homemade key lime pie made with real key lime juice. Served chilled and topped with real whipped cream.
  4. Strawberry vanilla bean mousse torte
    White cake topped with a layer of strawberry tort and white chocolate mousse. Served with a small remekin of fresh local strawberries marinated with white balsamic, sugar and fresh mint.
  5. Mango Passionfruit cake
    Layers of white cake with a passionfruit mousse center topped with a mango glaze. Served with Our homemade mango sauce.
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Harper's Desserts
Harper's Desserts