9wks exam English

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  1. Simile
    A figure of speech using like or as
  2. Metaphor
    A figure of speech that compares or equates seemingly unlike things
  3. Personification
    An animal has human characteristics
  4. Alliteration
    The repetition of consonant sounds
  5. Distinguish
    tell apart
  6. Endangered
    Risk or danger of dying out completely
  7. Stragglers
    People who lag around the main group
  8. Bureau
    A low chest of drawers
  9. Lithe
  10. Languid
    Slow moving
  11. Chaos
    total confusion
  12. Perpetual
    Continuing 4ever
  13. Inadequate
    Not good enough
  14. Civility
    Polite behavior
  15. Traumatized
    Upset or injured from a frightening event
  16. Consumption
    Act of eating drinking or using
  17. Pretense
  18. Spectacle
    Attracts to much of the wrong kind of attention
  19. Instinctively
    becomes naturally without thinking
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