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  1. what are plate tectonics?
    • theory that explains not only the movement of the continents but also the changes in he Earth
    • s crust ccaused by internal forces
  2. plates
    riid blocks of the Earth's crust and upper mantle
  3. lithosphere
    consists of nine large and several small plates

    rigid solid blocks of earths crust and upper mantle
  4. divergence
    currents of hot mantle rock rise and separate at this point creating new ocean crust at the rate of two to ten centimeters per year
  5. convergence
    oceanic crust collides with either another oceanic plate or a continental plate
  6. transform fault
    created when two plates slide past one another
  7. rifting
    process where the crust is forced apart and boundaries are formed

    Red Sea was created this way  and this is also the process that broke up Pangaea and created the Atlantic ocean
  8. subduction
    subduction zone
    oceanic plates slide under lighter continental plates and plunges into the mantle

    forms a trench
  9. fault
    created when two plates slide sideways past each other
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