Roosevelt's ABC Programs

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  1. FERA
    Distrubted funds to states.
  2. CCC
    Created in April 1933. Within 4 months, 1300 CCC camps were in operation and 300,000 men between ages 18 and 25 worked for the reconstruction of cities. More than 2.5 million men lived and/or worked in CCC camps. (Reforestation, swamp draining, and National parks)
  3. AAA
    Raised pricing in farming by lowering production.1933 - The AAA offered contracts to farmers to reduce their output of designated products. It paid farmers for processing taxes on these products, and made loans to farmers who stored crops on their farms. The Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional.
  4. HOLC
    Home Owners Loan Corp.- Refiance homes for non-farm owners.
  5. CWA
    Hired unemployed workers to do make-shift jobs like sweeping streets. Sent men ages 18-24 to camps to work on flood control, soil conservation, and forest projects under the War Department. A small monthly payment was made to the family of each member.
  6. WPA
    Works Progress Administration- Included work for writers. musicians, arts, and etc.
  7. NRA
    Directed by Hugh John, this agency set up a system of codes of business practice, including giving fair wages and work hours. Businesses and labor unions who followed such codes could advertise as such (symbol: Blue Eagle) and thus gain more membership. Was limited in success. The NRA Blue Eagle was a symbol Hugh Johnson devised to generate enthusiasm for the NRA codes. Employers who accepted the provisions of NRA could display it in their windows. The symbol showed up everywhere, along with the NRA slogan "We Do Our Part."
  8. NIRA
    Founded in 1933 to carry out the plans of the National Industry Recovery Act to fight depression. It established code authorities for each branch of industry or buisness. The code authorities set the lowest prices that could be charged, the lowest wages that could be paid, and the standards of quality that must be observed.
  9. PWA
    Under Secertary of the Interior Harold Ickes, the PWA distributed $3.3 billion to state and local governments for building schools, highways, hospitals, ect.
  10. SCA
    Soil Conservation Act (1936)- payed farmers to plant soil conserving plants.
  11. SEC
    New Deal agency established to provide a public watchdog against deception and fraud in stock trading.
  12. FSA
    Farm Security Administration (1937)- Relief, Recovery- Granted loans to small farmers and tenants for rehabilitation and purchase of small-sized farms; Congress slashed its appropriations during World War II when many poor farmers entered the armed forces or migrated to urban areas.
  13. TVA
    Headed by Senator Geroge W. Norris, they built twenty-two dams. Provided full employment, cheap electricity, & utilitites. Also provided low cost housing and reforestation.
  14. FHA
    Federal Housing Administration- Gives small loans to homeowners to improve their homes and also to build new homes.
  15. SSA
    Social Security Act- Provided unemployment insurance. Pensions for elderly, blind, handicapped, and other dependents. Paid for by roll deductions from employees and empolyers.
  16. NLRB
    An independent agency of the United States government charged with mediating disputes between management and labor unions.
  17. CIO
    Originally formed by leaders within the AFL who wanted to expand its principles to include workers in mass produciotn industries. In 1935, they created coalation of the 8 unions comprising the AFL and the United Mine Workers of America, led by John L. Lewis. After a split within the organization in 1938, the CIO was established as a separate entity.
  18. FLSA
    This act federally established minimum wage and overtime pay.
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