Uterine Rupture

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  1. Uterine Rupture Definition
    Complete or partial separation of layers of uterine wall
  2. Risk factors for UR
    • Previous CS (esp. T-shape) or other uterine scar
    • Hx of rupture
    • Uterine anomaly
    • Hx molar pregnancy
    • Placenta accreta
    • Obstructed labor
    • Malpresentation
    • Instrumental birth
    • Induction/augmentation
    • Cocaine use
  3. Fetal signs of Uterine Rupture
    • **Fetal distress**
    • prolonged, late, variable decels
    • bradycardia (may be sudden)
    • possible loss of station
  4. Maternal signs of Uterine Rupture
    • No reliable clinical indicators
    • May/not have pain, bleeding - most have none
    • (placental abruption usually has pain)
    • Few lose uterine ctx so IUPC is not helpful
    • Blood in abdomen may = diaphragmatic irritation
    • Hypovolemia & shock
  5. Emergency management of Uterine Rupture
    • Immediate birth to avoid hypoxia
    • Control hemorrhage
    • IV access, OR team, neonatal team
    • Blood transfusion
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