branches of government

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  1. The Constitution divided the national government into three parts known as what?
  2. What keeps a person or group from having too much control or power of the government?
    the branches have the same amount of power and have to work together.
  3. The Constitution makes the government leaders fulfill their responsibilities without abusing their power by doing what?
    limiting the powers of each part of the government
  4. The legislative branch is made up of what two groups?
    Senate and House of Representatives
  5. Together the Senate and House of Representatives are called what?
    the Congress
  6. Why was the legislative branch divided into two parts?
    because the small states were afraid they would be overpowered by the large states.
  7. Why was the Senate created?
    to make the small states happy
  8. How many senators in total are there? and how many come from each state?
    100 total, two from each state
  9. Why was the House of Representatives created?
    To make the large states happy
  10. How many people make up the House of Representatives?
  11. How are the number of representatives decided on for each state for the House of Representatives?
    by how many people live in the state.
  12. The legislative branch is responsible for what?
    making laws
  13. Who has to follow the laws created by Congress?
  14. Who is responsible for deciding how much money the government can spend and how much it can collect in taxes?
  15. What is the chief officer of the House of Representatives called?
    Speaker of the House
  16. Who gets to choose the speaker of the house for the House of Representatives?
    the political party with the majority of seats in the House.
  17. a group of people who have similar ideas about government
    political party
  18. What are the two major political parties known today?
    Republicans and Democrats
  19. Who is the chief officer of the Senate and what is the only thing he can vote on?
    the Vice President, can only vote to break a tie.
  20. Who is really in charge of the Senate?
    The Majority Leader
  21. Who gets to select the Majority Leader of the Senate?
    the party that holds the most seats in the Senate
  22. What are the three requirements to be a representative of Congress?
    • 1.  25 years old
    • 2.  been a citizen of the U.S. for 7 years
    • 3.  live in the state they represent
  23. What is the length of the term spent as a Representative?
    two years
  24. What are the three requirements to be a Senator?
    • 1.  30 years old
    • 2.  been a citizen of the U.S. for 9 years
    • 3.  live in the state they represent
  25. How many times can Senators and Representatives be elected?
    as many times as the voters choose.
  26. Which branch approves the laws passed by Congress and makes sure that the laws are carried out?
    The executive branch
  27. Which branch is responsible for spending tax money the way Congress says it should be spent?
    The executive branch
  28. Which branch oversees the following:  collect taxes, help with schools, care for the poor, inspect foods sold in stores, airplanes and factory inspections, build bridges and highways, national parks, discover new medicines, and learn about outer space?
    The departments of the executive branch.
  29. Who is the leader of the executive branch?
    the president of the U.S.
  30. Who does the president get help from?
    the Vice President and the Cabinet
  31. What is another name for the president?
    Head of State or Commander-in-Chief
  32. agreements with other countries
  33. Who is in charge of all of the military?
    The president
  34. How long is the president's term in office?
    four years
  35. What are the three requirements to become president of the U.S.?
    • 1.  natural-born citizen of U.S.
    • 2.  35 years old
    • 3.  lived in U.S. for 14 years
  36. In 1951 the 22nd amendment limited the number of terms a president could serve.  How many is it?
    two terms (eight years)
  37. Which branch decides what the laws mean and if the laws are fair and follow the Constitution?
    the judicial branch
  38. Who is in charge of the court system?
    the judicial branch
  39. The highest court in the nation is what?
    The Supreme Court
  40. How many judges serve on the Supreme Court and what is their title?
    9 judges, Justices
  41. The leader of the supreme court is called what?
    Chief Justice
  42. Who said that schools couldn't separate children by their race in 1954?  What was the name of the decision made by the courts?
    the Supreme Court, Brown versus the Board of Education
  43. Who appoints the Justices on the supreme court?
    the president
  44. How long do Justices serve in the supreme court
    for the rest of their lives or until they retire.
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