Psych: Crash Vocabulary

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  1. Learned predisposition to respond cognitively, effectively, and behaviorally to a particular object
  2. An explanation for the cause of behaviors and events
  3. A feeling of discomfort caused by a discrepancy between an attitude and a behavior or between two competing attitudes
    Cognitive Dissonance
  4. Misjudging the causes of others’ behavior as due to internal (dispositional) causes rather than external (situational) ones
    Fundamental Attribution Error
  5. Tendency for people in a group to exert less effort when pooling efforts toward a common goal than if they were individually accountable
    Social Trap
  6. Viewing members of the ingroup more positively than members of an outgroup
    Ingroup Favoritism
  7. Judging members of an outgroup as more alike and less diverse than members of the ingroup
    Outgroup Homogeneity Effect
  8. A learned, generally negative, attitude toward members of a group; it includes thoughts (stereotypes), feelings and behavioral tendencies
  9. Blocking of a desired goal (frustration) creates anger that may lead to aggression
    Frustration-Aggression Principle
  10. Taking credit for our successes and externalizing our failures
    Self-serving Bias
  11. People who conform to, or go along with, because we like and admire them and want to be like them
    Reference Groups
  12. A set of beliefs about the characteristics of people in a group that is generalized to all group members; also the cognitive component of prejudice
  13. Any behavior intended to harm someone
  14. Changing behavior because of real or imagined group pressure
  15. Reduced self-consciousness, inhibition, and personal responsibility that sometimes occurs in a group, particularly when the members feel anonymous
  16. The dilution (or diffusion) of personal responsibility for acting by spreading it among all other group members
    Diffusion of Responsibility
  17. Conforming because of need information and direction
    Informational Social Influence
  18. Cultural rule of behavior prescribing what is acceptable in a given situation
  19. Conforming to group pressure out of a need for approval and acceptance
    Normative Social Influence
  20. Following direct commands, usually from an authority figure
  21. Frustration-Aggression Example 1
    Jean is frustrated that they were carjacked and take her anger out on her husband and even sizes up the locksmith because of his clothes and tattoos
  22. Frustration aggression principle example 2
    Officer than gets mad at Shaneequa because his dad is sick and took it out on Christine Thayer and Basically raped her
  23. Frustration aggression example 3
    After Christine was raped and mad at the police officer who did it to her, she took it out on her husband
  24. Informational social influence. Example
    Officer Hansen goes to the lieutenant to plead to not have to be riding in the same police car with Officer Ryan the lieutenant wants him to file a false report and instead of risking their jobs and say that he has flatulence problems and prefers to ride alone
  25. Normative social influence example
    The movie director Cameron is being told by an actor that someone he's working with who is black is talking differently (he's not talking black) and Cameron backs down again and says they can redo the scene
  26. Social trap
    Mr. Flannigan is going to make Mr. Waters help him frame and innocent white police officer and if Waters helps them and Flanigan will wipe Water's brother's file clean because he's already committed 2 felonies for stealing cars
  27. Cognitive dissonance
    Detective Waters knows that framing the innocent white police officer is wrong but he goes through with it for his brother
  28. Attitude
    Ludicrous has been very clear that he will never steal from another black man
  29. Deindividuation
    Cameron begins acting very differently in front of the police officers maybe because of what happened with his wife or what happened at work or because of the men who tried to steal his car
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