Chapter 1- Nursing Today

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  1. First practicing nurse epidemiologist
    Florence Nightingale
  2. The American Red Cross was founded by
    Clara Barton
  3. Nurses working in the Henry Street Settlement in 1893 were among
    the first nurses to demonstrate autonomy in practice. This was because those nurses
    a. Had no ability to work in the hospital setting.

    b. Were required to use critical thinking skills.

    c. Focused solely on healing the very ill.

    d. Planned their care around research findings.
    B.-Were required to use critical thinking skills.
  4. In 1923, the Goldmark Report was an important study that

    a. Formed formal nurse midwifery programs.

    b. Established the Center for Ethics and Human Rights.
    c. Revised the ANA code of ethics.
    d. Led to the development of the Yale School of Nursing.
    D. -Led to the development of the Yale School of Nursing.
  5. Type of nurse that focuses on managing care as opposed to managing and performing skills.
    Proficient Nurse
  6. Type of nurse that deals with a specific set of rules or procedures, which are usually stepwise and linear
    Novice Nurse
  7. Type of nurse that understands the organization and the specific care required by specific types of patients and has experience with psychomotor skills
    Competent Nurse
  8. Type of nurse that identifies patient-centered problems, as well as problems related to the health care system.
    Expert Nurse
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