1. When was ΣΑΙ founded?
    June 12, 1903
  2. Where was ΣΑΙ founded?
    University School of Music in Ann Arbor, MI
  3. 7 founders?
    • Elizabeth A. Campbell
    • Lelia Farlin Laughlin
    • Francis Caspari
    • Minnie Davis Sherrill
    • Georgina Potts 
    • Mary Storrs Andersen 
    • Nora Crane Hunt
  4. What is Southern Miss's ΣΑΙ chapter named?
    Kappa Epsilon
  5. What province is Southern Miss in?
    Omega C
  6. What region is Southern Miss in?
    Region 4
  7. The Province Officer's name is?
    Marci Kraus
  8. The Regional Officer's name is?
    Keena P. Day
  9. The other active chapters in Omega C are?
    • Theta Theta at Nicholls State
    • Theta Psi at Loyola Univ.
    • Kappa Epsilon at Southern Miss
  10. The Alumnae Chapter in Omega C is?
    New Orleans
  11. National President?
    Leslie Odom Miller, DMA (University of Florida)
  12. National Vice President, Alumnae Chapters?
    Sue Bermann
  13. National Vice President, Collegiate Chapters?
    Jessica Chichester
  14. National Vice President, Extension?
    Marcie Richardson
  15. National Vice President, Finance?
    Jennifer M. Zerangue
  16. National Vice President, Fraternity Development?
    Joyce S. Garcia
  17. National Vice President, Ritual and Fraternity Education?
    Dr. Deborah R. Volker
  18. Chairman, ΣΑΙ Philanthropies, Inc.?
    Sharon W. Doty, MHR, J.D.
  19. Executive Director?
    Ruth Sieber Johnson
  20. What is the National M.I.T. Fee?
  21. When is the M.I.T. Fee due?
    At the pledging ceremony
  22. What is the National Initiation fee?
  23. When is the National Initiation fee due? (Along with badge upgrade money, if chosen to upgrade)
    At the exam.
  24. What is the local M.I.T. Fee?
  25. National dues are ___ for a whole year and ___ for a half year.
  26. What are the local chapter dues?
    $15.00 in Fall; $50.00 in Spring
  27. When are the local chapter dues due?
    The treasurer will tell you.
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