1984 Day 3 vocab.txt

  1. abject
    low in spirit; having no hope
  2. admonish
    to tell sb firmly that you do not approve sth that they have done
  3. capitulated
    stopped resisting
  4. cauterized
    burned to prevent infection
  5. concave
    curved or rounded inward, like a bowl
  6. contemptible
    deserving to be despised
  7. delusion
    a continual false belief
  8. didactically
    intending to teach a moral lesson
  9. din
    a loud, confused mixture of noises
  10. disquieting
    causing worry and unhappiness
  11. emaciation
    the state of being extremely thin, almost to the point of starvation
  12. eradicate
    to eliminate
  13. erroneous
  14. evade
    to escape from or avoid sb/sth
  15. exaltation
    raising up; glorifying
  16. external
    outside of
  17. fallacy
    a false or mistaken idea
  18. forbearance
  19. frivolity
    a trivial act that lacks seriousness
  20. infer
    guess or suggest
  21. insidious
    spreading gradually or without being noticed, but causing serious harm
  22. insurrection
    an act of revolting against authority
  23. integrity
    adherence to a set of moral values
  24. integrity
    adherence to set of moral values
  25. lethargy
    the state of being lazy, slow or drowzy
  26. luminous
    glowing, emitting light
  27. malleable
    capable of being shaped
  28. martyrs
    people who make great sacrifices for their belief
  29. objective
    taken into account without any regard to personal feelings
  30. orthodoxy
    those who follow the traditional or unusual way of doing something
  31. perpetuating
    making last forever
  32. persecutions
    acts of being harassed or made to suffer because of a belief
  33. prosperity
    all future generations
  34. quailed
    to feel frightened or to show that you are frightened
  35. recuperate
    to get back your health, strength or energy after being ill/sick, tired, injured, etc.
  36. relinquishing
    giving over
  37. rotund
    fat, chubby
  38. sanctinmonious
    hypocritically pious
  39. seditious
    causing resistance or revolution against the government
  40. simultaneously
    at the same time
  41. sniveling
    tending to cry or complain a lot in a way that annoys people
  42. speculatively
    in the manner of thinking or wondering
  43. sporadically
    happening only occasionally or at intervals that are not regular
  44. surly
    rude or unfriendly
  45. tableaux
    a series of staged scenes
  46. torpid
    sluggish or lacking vigor
  47. unrependent
    feeling no regret or need for forgiveness
  48. unrependant
    feeling no regret or need for forgiveness
  49. vehemently
    to show very strong feelings, especially anger
  50. vile
    morally bad; completely unacceptable
  51. vindicate
    to free from blame
  52. wantonness
    causing harm or damage deliberately and for no acceptable reason
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