carpentry 1 - blueprints/paper language

  1. How are today's blueprints reproduced? 2 methods
    • 1. Diazo printing method for large prints (a special machine using special paper) OR
    • 2. a photocopier for smaller drawings
  2. What are the 4 different line styles on a blueprint?
    • 1. Continuous solid
    • 2. Dashed
    • 3. Centre
    • 4. Phantom
  3. What are heavy phantom lines used to show?
    Property lines
  4. What are heavy centre lines used to show?
    Location of beams and girders
  5. What are the 4 symbol groups on a blueprint?
    • 1. A - Architectural
    • 2. S - Structural
    • 3. M - Mechanical
    • 4. E - Electrical
  6. What is used when NON-standard symbols are used?
    A legend
  7. Why are borders included around pages?
    So that all original information is shown
  8. Why is the left hand margin larger than the right hand margin?
    So the blueprints can be bound together
  9. Where is the north direction preferably set?
    The top of the page
  10. Why do buildings have 2 north indicators?
    Buildings that are skewed to the compass points will have an direction indicator for true north and one for construction north
  11. Where is the page indicator layed out?
    Lower right corner of the page
  12. What are the 6 things in the title box?
    • 1. Design firm company logo/name and contact info
    • 2. Project name and address
    • 3. Type of drawing
    • 4. Date
    • 5. Scale used
    • 6. Drawing or sheet identification
    • 7. Revisions
  13. What does N.T.S. stand for?
    Not to scale
  14. Should you take scale measurements from a drawing marked N.T.S.?
  15. Do not forget to read ______ in the title box.
    the notes
  16. What is the addition information in the title box?
    • 1. Who it is drawn by
    • 2. Who it is checked by
    • 3. Project file number
  17. What are the 4 categories of plan dimensioning?
    • 1. Overall
    • 2. Sub 
    • 3. Positioning
    • 4. Size
  18. Where are the overall dimensions located?
    Farthest away from the exterior walls
  19. The sub dimensions are the middle row of dimensions. What are they for?
    to locate the position of partitions (interior walls)
  20. what are size dimensions used for?
    to indicate material and component sizes
  21. overall dimensions do not include?
    the thickness of the exterior sheathing unless otherwise stated in general note
  22. why should the faces of the studs in exterior wood framed walls should be kept in line with the exterior face of the concrete foundation? (3 reasons)
    • 1. proper end bearing for trusses
    • 2. better building envelope
    • 3. good watershed characteristics
  23. what is a common practice of sub dimensions?
    to leave one of the sub dimensions blank
  24. what must be done with all sub dimensions before construction?
    add up all sub dimensions and compare with the overall dimensions for accuracy
  25. how are the r.o. rough openings for windows and doors determined?
    supplier shop drawing or calculations off the drawings
  26. describe what a set of blueprints is.
    a collection of 2-dimensional drawings
  27. To accurately read blueprints you need to combine your knowledge in what 3 areas?
    • 1. paper language
    • 2. pattern & path
    • 3. construction knowledge
  28. Why are different line styles used in blueprints?
    To give clarity and understanding
  29. What are: extra heavy phantom lines with an arrow perpendicular to the lines on one or both ends?
    cutting plane
  30. What is a heavy continuous line?
    object line
  31. What is a continuous medium-weight line?
    Secondary object line
  32. What is a medium-weight dashed line?
    Outline of hidden objects
  33. What are continuous thin lines?
    Dimension and extension lines
  34. How are common building components and materials indicated?
    Standardized symbols
  35. How can you determine the west wall of a building on a foundation or floor plan?
    An arrowhead is used to symbolize north
  36. How is the scale used shown on pages when the different views are drawn at different scales?
    Below the title of each view
  37. How are partitions and openings dimensioned in wood framed structures?
    Dimension from the corner of the building with door and windows to their centre
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carpentry 1 - blueprints/paper language
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