1. Scene 2
    Inside a pyramid. Egypt.It is dark. Abanazar enters on all fours.
    • What were the ancient Egyptians thinking?
    • Why didn’t they put more headroom in these pyramids?
    • I’ve been crawling around in these tunnels for days.
    • Nothing to eat but rats and spiders.
    • I suppose it’s better than school dinners.
    • But I’m never going to find the treasure chamber ….
  2. He puts his hand above his head, palm upwards to touch the tunnel’s low ceiling but there is nothing there. He waves his hand around to find a ceiling or wall but there is nothing. He stands up gingerly.
    • I don’t believe it.
    • This must be it, the treasure chamber!
  3. He rubs his hands together.
    • Well, Abanazar, my old friend,
    • get ready for riches beyond your wildest dreams.
  4. He stops and leers at the audience.
    • I can talk to myself if I want to.
    • IIIIII’m the bad guy.
    • I’m Abanazar and I will stop at nothing to get what I want.
  5. He looks around in the gloom.
    • But where is it?
    • Where is it?
    • The Ring of Power ….
  6. As he says ‘Ring of Power’, a spotlight hit’s a ring on a small pedestal at the side of the stage. Abanazar is looking the other way. The spot goes off.
    • It must be somewhere.
    • If only it wasn’t so dark.
    • Come to Abanazar, Ring of Power.
  7. The spot comes on again nut, again, Abanazar is looking the other way. Spot off.
    • Oh, this is ridiculous.
    • I could scramble around for weeks and never find the Ring of Power.
  8. Spot on ring. Abanazar sees it.
    • What?
    • No!
    • Yes!
    • There it is!
  9. Abanazar moves towards ot. The light goes off. Abanazar stops.
    That must be the Ring of Power
  10. Light on. Abanazar takes a step forward. Light off.
    Oh, I see how this works.
  11. Abanazar stands centre stage and points at the ring.
    Ring of Power
  12. Light on. Abanazar stops pointing, light off.
    • Yesss! I have it!!!
    • The Ring of Power
  13. Spot on.
    • All right,
    • you can stop with the light show now,
    • I’ve got the ring.
    • And now to use it.
  14. Abanazar puts the ring on and rubs it gently with his finger. A flash. Slave of the Ring appears.
    Who has summoned the Slave of the Ring,Called me from the world of dreams to do my thing?
    • Abanazar looks around.
    • I’ll give you one guess.
  15. Don’t you get smart with me, oh bearer of the magic band,Just tell me your dreams, for your wish is my command.
    Hold on, I’ve got a list.
  16. Abanazar pulls out a long piece of paper from his pocket. He scans the list.
    • Well, basically,
    • we’re talking untold wealth and power.
    • I’m planning on taking over the world… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  17. Slave of the Ring takes a step forward to talk to the audience.
    Slave to another ‘bad guy’ - it’s enough to make you cry. Is it really too much to ask for - just one good guy?
    • Hey you!
    • What are you waiting for?
    • Wealth and power, wealth and power …
  18. Ah … wealth and power I cannot give directly I’m afraid.But I can ….
    • What?
    • You mean I’ve been wasting my time?
  19. S of R takes a deep breath.
    My power is limited, it is true. But there are many ….
    • I don’t believe it!
    • All this hardship, all this sacrifice
    • and I end up with bargain basement magic!
  20. Will you stop interrupting! How can I make all this rhyme, when you keep butting in all the time?
    Abanazar pulls a face. He and Slave of Ring scowl at each other.
  21. If you were more patient - and ‘please’ would be nice“wealth and power”, in abundance, will be yours in a trice.
    Go on. I’m listening
  22. There is a cave near far off PekingFull of gold and jewels and that sort of thing.
    • Excellent.
    • Abanazar rubs his hands together,
  23. But all that sparkles you should ignoreFind a drab old lamp lying on the floor ….
    • What? Why?
    • You’re having a laugh!
  24. It pains me to say this much to such a big meanie.
    But trapped inside the lamp is a powerful genie.
    Whoever holds the lamp holds the power …
  25. If you’re all packed we can be there in an hour.
    • World domination,
    • here I come.
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