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  1. What is Java?
    Foundation for Network applications, popular for programs to run within web browser. My guess would be that your customers have to install java virtual machine to run thinkorswim. Might be a common question techs receive.
  2. What is Flash?
    Software platform for graphics, animation, games. Popular for streaming audio/video.
  3. What is HTML?
    Hyper text markup language.Language for converting text to webpages. The use of tags.
  4. What is SSL?
    Secure Sockets Layer. Security technology for establishing an encrypted link between web server and browser.
  5. What is your greatest strength?
    Excelled in positions where customer service is a priority. My time at Advanced Equities I went from no customers, never in sales, to almost 50 clients in a 4 year time frame.

    My job with Glenbrook hospital, 10 years and have the ability to diffuse tough situations. Never a customer complaint. 8 Years in financial services, clean licenses.

    I do consider myself to be technology savvy. Building computers, installing OS and software since 14 years old.
  6. thinkorswim desktop common issues how to resolve?
    • Active internet connection? Reboot the computer.
    • Check task manager for frozen applications.
    • Memory issues? Possibly install ram
    • Hard drive space low? Look for trash in control panel.
    • Is windows up to date?
    • Is Microsoft security essentials installed?
  7. Why did you apply?
    Past couple years, I've been keeping an eye open. Looking for something that could leverage my technology/financial background. When I saw the position as advertised. I felt as though it was written directly for me. I applied to this job because I knew I would excel at the position. This isnt about a paycheck, being passionate about the position will yield the best results from me as an associate and you as an employer.

    I know what your clients are looking for from a technology/financial standpoint. I know technical analysis/fundamental analysis.

    I think I will be a great asset to your organization.
  8. What is your greatest weakness?
    Group presentations, I'm not a fan of public speaking. My sister got married this past summer, that meant 2 speeches from me. Was not comfortable, but I can do it.

    Spend sometime writing emails. I've seen poorly written emails and in my eyes thats a bad reflection of the care someone has taken when writing it.

    So I have to make sure my thoughts are laid out accurately and grammar is correct.

    Personal life can take a hit so I lose that life/work balance. Work has always been a priority above all else.
  9. Time with a diffucult customer?
    Sympathize with the customer. Put yourself on their side not against it. Offer a resolution, and make it a priority. If a time is offered for issue resolution, be sure to call the client at that time.

    I think the biggest problem that people in customer service face is that they do not place themselves in the shoes of the customer. They almost view the situation as a battle. Its not a battle.
  10. What are your goals for the future?

    Grow with the company where I can learn, take on additional responsibilities, contribute value.

    I expect to be a top performing employee in my position.
  11. What is success?
    Doing my job well. Recognition as someone that meets their goals, ready to take on new challenges.

    In a team environment, being sure that my role in that team is completed accurately.
  12. Handle stress?
    I've noticed that its easier to accomplish tasks 1 element at a time. So take a moment to catch your breath and prioritize what is ahead of me. Deadlines help, its a motivator and I think I've accomplished my best work when I'm under pressure.I'm a person that handles stress/pressure very well. I can stay calm.

    From a personal perspective, I think that having a healthy diet/body can provide a huge benefit toward handling pressures.
  13. Tell me about yourself
    Born and raised in Chicago. I think health and fitness is very important. I enjoy reading. Specifically market related industry publications like the economist/bloomberg business week/wall street journal. 

    On the professional side:

    I consider myself to be tech savvy/financial markets savvy. I've excelled where leveraging those attributes and customer service is a priority.

    On the tech side, I've built computers for family and friends since 15.

    I joined the financial services industry in 06, 4 years later I was top 10% in company production. I have a good understanding of the financial markets.

    Most importantly, I think I can relay tech/market information in simple ez to understand terms.

    Thats why I applied for the position, I felt like it was written for me and that it would be a great fit.
  14. Why are you leaving current employment?
    I've been involved with direct sales for I believe over 8 years now. The position offers little room for growth within the company. Growth is focused on growing your business, not company advancement.
  15. TD Ameritrade?
    almost 6 million accounts. 1/2 trillion in assets.

    Started in 1975, went from paper trading, to phone trading, to online trading.

    Thinkorswim very customizable platform, integrating CNBC, free level 2 quotes, integration of complex option strategies. Risk profile shows max loss/profit.

    Thinkback - feature showing history of options premiums

    Access to forex/futures trading
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