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  1. What does FEDLOG mean
    Federal Logistics Data Program
  2. The prefered method for obtaining a 4790/7b form is
  3. What instruction do you use to prepare and submut a 4790/7b
    NAVSEAINST 4790.8 (series) modified by M8000.2(series)
  4. What must be submitted submitted when ammo is thrown overboard due to personnel or property loss
    MISHAP report
  5. What is a LVL 2 casualty
    LVL 2 Minor degredation in prmary mission or major degredation in secondary mission
  6. What is a LVL3 casualty
    Major degredation but not losing primary mission
  7. What is a LVL 4 casualty
    Worse than LVL 3, causes loss of at least one critical mission
  8. Ammo/Pyro under how many N.E.W. lbs does not require blocking, bracing, or explosive driver
    200 N.E.W. lbs
  9. Ammo class of what does not need safety zones or OSI if less than 200 N.E.W lbs
  10. The CO can authorize in writing for no armed guards for pyro of less than how many gross pounds
    50 lbs (gross)
  11. what is the minimum required ammount of time to respond to a vehicle if transporting weapons/ammo
    2 minutes
  12. When submittign a request for ammo through a MILSTRIP, how many days prior to onload is the RDD to be
    3-5 days
  13. Where shall test fitting be placed when not in use
    Secured stowage container
  14. AA&E keys shall be places in a container of at least what gauge steel
    20 gauge steel or equivalent strength
  15. The use of what sytem for protecting AA&E ashore is prohibited
    Master key
  16. Completed AA&E key control registers shall be maintained for how many months
    6 months
  17. Any weapons container with an empty weight of less than what shall be secured to the premises
    500 lbs
  18. Chains use to secure racks shall be heavy duty hardened steel, welded, straight link galvanized and at least how many inches thick
  19. how often are OTI's conducted
    every 18 months
  20. what is a weapons category II
    Light automatic weapons up to and including .50 cal
  21. What is a weapons category IV
    Shoulder fired weapons other than grenade launchers, not fully automatic
  22. how many condition codes are there
  23. how many material condition tags are there
  24. What is condition code A
    Serviceable-RFI-Issue without limitations or restrictions
  25. What is condition code B
    Serviceable-RFI-Issue under limited or restricted conditions
  26. What is condition code C
    Serviceable-RFI-Issue before other serviceable stocks
  27. What is condition code D
    Serviceable-NRFI-Requires Navy acceptance test and inspection
  28. What is condition code E
    Unserviceable-NRFI-Limited Restoration-Can be restored to serviceable condition through the accomplishment of organizational or intermediate level maintenance
  29. What is condition code F
    Unserviceable-NRFI-repairable-can be restored to serviceable condition through depot level maintenance
  30. What is condition code G
    Unserviceable-NRFI-incomplete-Requires additional parts or components to complete end item
  31. What is condition code H
    Unserviceable-NRFI-condemned-Does not meet repair criteria
  32. What is condition code J
    Suspended-NRFI-In stock-Ammunition in stock that is pending classification where the true condition is not known
  33. What is condition code K
    Suspended-NRFI-Returns-Returned from users and is pending classification where the true condition is not known
  34. What is condition code L
    Suspended-NRFI-Litigation-Pending litigation or negotiation with contractors or common carriers
  35. What is condition code N
    Suspended-RFI-Issue only under emergency combat use
  36. What is condition code P
    Unserviceable-NRFI-Reclamation-unserviceable as an assembly and uneconomically repairable but has parts that can be reclaimed
  37. What is condition code V
    Unserviceable-NRFI-Military waste-can only be assigned by designated DOD or service designated disposition authority
  38. What is a yellow or orange material condition tag
    (Serviceable) DD-1574-use for condition code A,B, and C only
  39. What is a red material condition tag
    (Condemned) DD-1577-use for condition code H,P, and V only
  40. What is a brown material condition tag
    (Suspended) DD-1575-use for condition code J,K,L,M, and N only
  41. What is a green material condition tag
    (repairable) DD-1577-use for condition code E, F, and G only
  42. What is a blue material condition tag
    (Test/modification) DD-1576-use for condition code D only
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