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  1. Diaphragm
    Muscular sheet that divides the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity
  2. Intercostal Muscles
    Two sets of muscles between the ribs that contract to pull the ribs up & out during inhalation or down & in during forceful exhalation
  3. Mediastinum
    Smaller cavity within the thoracic cavity. It contains the trachea (and the heart & esophagus).
  4. Phrenic Nerve
    Nerve that, when stimulated, causes the diaphragm to contract & move inferiorly to expand the thoracic cavity during inspiration
  5. Pleura
    Double layered serous membrane. The visceral pleura is next to the lung's surface. The parietal pleura is next to the wall of the thorax. The pleura secretes pleural fluid into the pleural space (the space between the two layers of pleura)
  6. Pleural cavity
    Area surrounded by a pleural membrane. Each pleural cavity contains a lung.
  7. Thoracic cavity
    Hollow space that's filled with the lungs & structures in the mediastinum
  8. Thorax
    Bony cage made of the sternum, ribs, and bones of the spine that surrounds and protects the lungs and other organs in the thoracic cavity
  9. diaphragmat/o-
  10. cost/o-
  11. phren/o-
    Diaphragm; mind
  12. pleur/o-
    Pleura (lung membrane)
  13. viscer/o-
    Large internal organs
  14. pariet/o-
    Wall of cavity
  15. thorac/o-
    Thorax (chest)
  16. pector/o-
  17. steth/o-
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