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  1. Alveolus
    Hollow sphere of cells in the lungs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged
  2. Apex
    Rounded top of each lung
  3. Bronchiole
    Small tubular air passage that branches of from a bronchus and then branches into several alveoli. Its wall contains smooth muscle.
  4. Bronchus
    Tubular air passageway supported by cartilage rings. It forms an inverted Y below the trachea. Each primary bronchus enters a lung and branches into bronchioles. The bronchial tree includes the trachea, bronchi, and bronchioles. Bronchopulmonary refers to the bronchi and the lungs
  5. Cilia
    Small hairs that flow in waves to move foreign particles away from the lungs and toward the nose and the throat where they can be expelled
  6. Epiglottis
    Lidlike structure that seals off the larynx, so that swallowed food into the esophagus, not into the trachea
  7. Hilum
    Indentation on the medial side of each lung where the bronchus, pulmonary arteries, and nerves enter the lung and the pulmonary veins exit
  8. Larynx
    Structure that contains the vocal chords and is a passageway for inhaled and exhaled air. Its known as the voice box
  9. Lobe
    Large division of a lung, visible on the outer surface
  10. Lumen
    Central opening through which air flows inside the trachea , a bronchus, or a bronchiole
  11. Lung
    Organ of respiration that contains alveoli
  12. Parenchyma
    Functional part of the lung (i.e., the alveoli) as opposed to the connective tissue framework
  13. Surfactant
    Protein-fat compound that reduces surface tension and keeps the walls of the alveolus from collapsing with each exhalation
  14. Trachea
    Vertical tube with C-shaped rings of cartilage in it. Its an air passageway between the larynx and the bronchi
  15. alveol/o-
    Alveolus (air sack)
  16. bronchiol/o-
  17. bronchi/o-
  18. bronch/o-
  19. pulmon/o-
  20. glott/o-
    Glottis (of the larynx)
  21. hil/o-
    Hilum (indentation in an organ)
  22. laryng/o-
    Larynx (voice box)
  23. pneum/o-
    Lung; air
  24. pneumon/o-
    Lung; air
  25. trache/o-
    Trachea (windpipe)
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