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  1. Protection in circuits is accomplished by the use of:
    • Either fuses or circuit breakers
    • (circuit breakers are Prefured)
  2. When using sychronizing lamps instrad of synchro scopes, the circuit breaker should be closed?
    Just by the mid-point of the dark period is reached
  3. The frequency of the generator can be controlled by?
    Raising or lowering the Prime mover speed until 60hz is indicated
  4. The proper way to mix electrolyte for a battery is to?
    Add acid to the water
  5. When measuring a/c current flow, you must always connect the meter: 
    in series w/the power source and load
  6. The specific gravity of the electrolyte solution in a lead acid battery:
    Gives an indication of charge of the battery
  7. When correcting specific gravity readings of a lead acid battery for existing temperature conditions, you should:
    Add 4 points for each 10^F above 80^F
  8. What is the cause of a fuse or breaker failing or "blowing"?
    The electrical current exceeds the rated value of the fuse or breaker
  9. Where would you find the electrical resistance records?
    In the machinery history
  10. A hydraulic governor w/o a compensating device will?
  11. In a three phase A/C motor, what can be done if the motor is operating in the wrong direction?
    Switch any two leads
  12. When working on a de-energized circuit with capacitors, what should you ensure has happened?
    The capacitors have been discharged
  13. The characteristic introduced into a truly constant speed governor employed for controlling the speed of paralleled engines is?
    Speed droop
  14. A generator circuit must be in the ________ position before manually starting.
  15. A governor that automatically stops an engine when too high a speed is attained is called an?
    Overspeed trip
  16. The frequency can be changed by?
    Raising or lowering the prime mover
  17. What is the purpose of field windings in a dc generator?
    To increase the armature current
  18. What type of governor limits the max no load speed?
    A variable speed governor
  19. What is the primary difference between mechanical and hydraulic governors?
    Control lever actuation
  20. A megger measures what?
    Resistance measured in OHMS
  21. Infinity on a megger means what?
    Very little or no resistance
  22. What is meant by isochronous governong?
    Speed remains the same under all load conditions
  23. A control device that limits engine load @ various speed is called a?
    Load-limiting governor
  24. In a compartment with high voltage electrical wiring, what is required?
    Dead man's stick and shorting probe
  25. Sensitivity in a governor would best be defined as?
    The change in speed required before the governor will make corrective movement of the f/o control
  26. An ammeter is always connected in _______ with the source.
  27. A voltmeter is always connected in ________ with the source.
  28. Promptness in a governor can be defined as?
    Speed @ which a governor compensates for load changes
  29. Stability in a governor can be defined as?
    The ability of the governor to maintain the desired speed w/o fluctuation or hunting
  30. In all engineering spaces containing switchboards or other installed high voltage electrical equipment, what must be located conspicuously?
    A 25,000 volt safety shorting probe
  31. An electric starting motor should not be operated for over ______ @ a time.
    30 seconds
  32. The smallest particle to which water can be reduced and still retain the chemical properties of water is?
    A molecule
  33. The function of bus-ties on a switch board is to?
    Permit any switch board to feed power to any other switch board
  34. What should be stenciled in 3" high letters onboard every cutter under electrical matting?
    Caution electrical matting missing
  35. When paralleling 2 generators, the on-coming generator's voltage must be?
    The voltage and frequency must be equal to the on-line generator
  36. How are batteries rated by?
    By ampere per hour
  37. A single cell of a lead-acid battery can produce how much electricity?
    1.5 volts per cell
  38. A ground can be defined as an electrical connection between the wiring of a motor and?
    Its metal framework
  39. The number of cells is a 12 volt lead-acid battery is?
  40. An electrical device which prevents an action from occuring until all other conditions are met is called?
    An interlock
  41. A circuit breaker differs from a fuse in that a circuit breaker:
    Trips to break the circuit and can be reset
  42. The part of the fuse that melts and opens the circuits is usually made of?
    Zinc or an alloy of tin and lead
  43. When charging a lead acid battery, you should reduce the charging rate as the battery nears its full charge capacity to:
    Prevent excessive gassing and overheating
  44. Batteries used for diesel engine starting should be:
    As close as possible to the engine
  45. Violent gassing from a lead acid battery which it is being charged indicates?
    The charging rate is too high
  46. the pitting of controller contacts can be caused by:
    Insufficient contact pressure
  47. The rate @ which electrons flow is measured in?
  48. Electrical resistance is measured in?
  49. A charge that is given around the clock to maintain battery readiness @ all times of the battery is called?
    A floating charge
  50.  NSTM chapter 1
  51. NSTM chapter 41
    Engineering changes
  52. NSTM chapter 42
    Specifications and standards
  53. NSTM chapter 44
    Machenery space watch requirements
  54. NSTM chapter 74
  55. NSTM chapter 76
    Reliability and maintenance
  56. NSTM chapter 77
  57. NSTM chapter 79
    Stability and damage control
  58. NSTM chapter 80
    Intergrated logistics and support requirements
  59. NSTM chapter 81
    Maintenance of cutters and boats
  60. NSTM chapter 83
    Supply support
  61. NSTM chapter 85
    Coast Guard naval engineering drawings
  62. NSTM chapter 86
    Technical publications
  63. NSTM chapter 88
  64. NSTM chapter 90
    Inspections, records, reports, and test
  65. NSTM chapter 91
    Surveys of cutters and boats
  66. NSTM chapter 94
    Full power trials
  67. NSTM chapter 97
    Stability tests
  68. NSTM chapter 110
    Boat structure
  69. NSTM chapter 233
    Internal combustion engines
  70. NSTM chapter 235
    Electric propulsion
  71. NSTM chapter 243
    Propulsion shafting
  72. NSTM chapter 244
    Propulsion bearings
  73. NSTM chapter 245
  74. NSTM chapter 254
    Condensers and heat X-changers
  75. NSTM chapter 262
    Lubricating oils
  76. NSTM chapter 300
    Electric plant
  77. NSTM chapter 475
  78. NSTM chapter 505
    Flexible hose  program
  79. NSTM chapter 517
    Auxilliary boilers and forced circulation steam generators
  80. NSTM chapter 530
    P/N systems
  81. NSTM chapter 540
    Gasoline, handling, and stowage
  82. NSTM chapter 541
    Fuel system, cutters and boats
  83. NSTM chapter 542
    Fuel system, shipboard aviation
  84. NSTM chapter 550
    Compressed gas cylinders
  85. NSTM chapter 551
    Compressed air cylinders
  86. NSTM chapter 555
    Fire fighting
  87. NSTM chapter 556
    Hydraulic equipment
  88. NSTM chapter 570
    General duty and replenishment weight handling systems
  89. NSTM chapter 571
    Replenishment at sea systems
  90. NSTM chapter 573
    Cargo handling systems
  91. NSTM chapter 581
    Anchor and anchor chain maintenance
  92. NSTM chapter 583
    Life rafts, life floats, and boat hoisting equipment
  93. NSTM chapter 588
    Helicopter handling
  94. NSTM chapter 589
  95. NSTM chapter 591
    Oceanographic research equipment
  96. NSTM chapter 593
    Environmental pollution control systems
  97. NSTM chapter 613
  98. NSTM chapter 630
    preservatives and coverings
  99. NSTM chapter 634
    Deck coverings
  100. NSTM chapter 635
    Thermal insulation
  101. NSTM chapter 640
    Living and berthing spaces
  102. NSTM chapter 670
    Stowage, handling, and disposal of hazardous materials
  103. NSTM chapter 700
    Ordinance, general
  104. NSTM chapter 834
    Computer programs
  105. NSTM chapter 997
    Docking instructions for cutters and boats
  106. What is the form # of the CER (cutter engineering report)?
    CG 4874
  107. Review the following engineering logs IAW NEN, COMDINST M9000.6
    • Machinery log
    • zinc log
    • flexible joint log
    • flexible hose log
  108. U. S. Coast Guard Boat Operations and Training Manual Volume ll.
    COMDTINST M166114.33
  109. Casualty Reporting Procedures (CASREP)
    COMDTINST M3501.3
  110. Civil Engineering Manual (CEM)
    COMDTINST M11000.11
  111. Cutter Training and Qualification Manaul
    COMDTINST 3502.4
  112. Directives, Publications, and Reports Index
    COMPTNOTE 5600
  113. Equipment Tag-out Procedures
    COMDTINST 9077.1
  114. Hazardous Waste Management Manual
    COMDTINST M16478.1
  115. Medical Manual
    COMDTINST M5000.1
  116. Naval Engineering Computer Aided Design Standards
    COMDTINST M9085.1
  117. Naval Engineering Manual
    COMDTINST M9000.6
  118. NE-TIMS Stands for?
    • Naval
    • Engineering
    • Technical
    • Information
    • Management
    • System
  119. Standards for potable water
  120. Operational reports
    NWP 1-03-1
  121. Shipboard Helicopter Operations Procedure Manual
  122. Supply and Policy Procedures Manual
    COMDTINST M4400.19
  123. What material is added to the exhaust valve heads, tips and stems to improve wearing qualities?
  124. Lube oil filtering systems become inefficient @ temps below a minimum of?
  125. Oxidation in lubrication is caused by?
    High oil temps greater than 180^F
  126. Lubeicating oil temps should be held as close as possible to?
  127. What is the primary difference between mechanical and hydraulic governors?
    Control lever actuation
  128. What is the purpose of the drilled passages in the crankshaft?
    To carry oil to the conrods
  129. Setting the popping pressure to high on fuel nozzles will cause what?
    Late injection timing
  130. Too high an injection pressure causes what?
    Late injection and high exhaust temperatures
  131. What are the three ways to thread a blind hole?
    Tapper, plug, and bottoming
  132. When checking crankweb deflection on opposed piston engines, where should you take your readings?
    You should only check the lower crank b/c deflection will also appear in the upper crank
  133. What type of micrometer is used to check the thickness of a bearing shell?
    A micrometer that is spracilly fitted with a spherical seat
  134. Piston slap and excessive oil consumption in an engine is an indication of what?
    Excessive piston to liner clearance
  135. Should you replace or repair sodium filled intake and exhaust valves when they become damaged?
    Repairs should not be attempted due to the sodium inside the valve. You may inspect and replace them only
  136. Diesel combustion depends on what three primary needs?
    Fuel, air, and compression
  137. A diesel engine crankcase ventilation system is designed to do what?
    Remove combustible gases from the crankcase
  138. Lubricating systems for diesel engines are usually designed to initially provide l/o to the engine's?
    Main  bearings first
  139. The color of the exhaust from an engine should be?
  140. Scavenging in a four stroke/cycle diesel engine occurs during what?
    The last part of the exhaust stroke and the first part of the intake stroke
  141. What type of bearing is most widely used for main and connecting rod bearings of modern diesel engines?
    Precision insert
  142. In a diesel engine, the main bearings are used
    Between the crankshaft and engine block
  143. Crankweb deflection will give a positive reading of what?
    Worn main bearing journals
  144. What must be installed on internal combustion engines if its cylinder bore exceeds eight inches?
    Explosion relief doors/valves
  145. In a two stroke/cycle engine, the camshaft and crankshaft rotate @ ______ _______ speed?
    The same
  146. In a four stroke/cycle engine the camshaft and crankshaft rotates @ _____ ____ ______ of the crankshaft?
    Half the speed
  147. A restricted air intake to a diesel engine may result in what?
    The engine may not reach its rated speed
  148. The operating efficiency of a salt water cooled engine will decrease unless the coolant discharge temp is kept between?
    100 and 130^F
  149. What causes deposits of salt in the coolers and piping of engines?
    Excessive temps in the S/W cooling system
  150. What is likely to cause a Failure of a diesel engine's mechanical governor?
    Bound control linkage
  151. If an engine shows power loss, frequent stalling, and starting failures, one of the constributing factors is likely to be?
    Faulty operation of the governor
  152. Pistons fitted w/semi-floating piston pins do not require what?
    Bearings at the rod end
  153. Trunk piston side thrust is absorbed by?
    The cylinder wall
  154. How does a stroke differ from an event?
    A stroke signifies the piston motion between the limits of travel, while an event is an action which takes place during a stroke
  155. What results from low L/O pressure to a piston?
    Oxidation under the crown
  156. A safety cover on a diesel engine differs from other access doors how?
    It is fitted with a spring loaded pressure plate for relief during crankcase explosions
  157. The seven basic readings required for DEMPS are?
    • Compression pressure
    • Firing pressure
    • Exhaust temps
    • Crankcase vacuum
    • Intake manifold psi
    • Exhaust back psi
    • L/O consumption
  158. The engine perameters that are to be plotted on graph paper for analysis are:
    • Crankcase vacuum
    • Inlet air pressure
    • L/O consumption
    • Exhaust pressure
  159. A thorough inspection should always be made when replacing broken or burned valves in an engine to determine?
    The condition of the valve guides
  160. On a diesel engine, the cam followers are raised by the?
    Cam lobes
  161. The cooling systems of engines using inhibitors should be checked?
  162. When excessive chromate content is indicated in a diesel's cooling system, what should be done?
    Nothing b/c its not a harmful condition
  163. What are three things you could do to prevent corrosion in a heat exchanger?
    • Use j/w treatment
    • Renew zincs
    • Vent the heat exchanger
  164. What is the best method for checking for cracks in a connecting rod?
  165. What is the best method for checking for cracks in a wet-type cylinder liner?
    Glycol antifreeze
  166. Where is the most likely place that a cylinder head would crank
    Between the valve and injector holes
  167. Before any adjustments are made to correct an unbalanced engine, it must first be?
    Determined that the engine is in proper mechanical condition
  168. When r/w heat exchangers are plugged and are still under the allowable limit, when should they be replaced?
    The next available yard period
  169. Excessive firing pressure in an internal combustion engine will likely cause what?
    Damaged injector tips
  170. An injection nozzle that is not in good working order will make what kind of noise?
    A sharp intermittent noise called chatter
  171. What is the most likely cause of a crankcase explosion?
    A cracked piston
  172. The only positive way to determine that a cylinder head gasket is leaking internally is by?
    Removing the cylinder head
  173. Cracking of the lands of a piston may result if?
    There is insufficient ring groove clearance
  174. After you have properly installed a new set of piston rings, and the top compression ring breaks after running the engine for the first time, what is the most likely cause?
    The cylinder ridge wasn't removed during rebuild
  175. A bright spot found on each end of a broken ring indicates?
    Insufficient gap clearance
  176. Cracked connecting rods are usually caused by what?
    Overloading the engine
  177. Bent connecting rods will most likely cause what?
    Uneven wear of the piston pin and bushing
  178. What indicates overtorqued connecting rod bolts?
    Excessive elongation
  179. What will low oil in the govenor cause?
    The engine will not start
  180. If the end play on a hydraulic govenor is too excessive, what will be the symptom?
  181. In a recently overhauled engine, high L/O consumption may be cause by?
    Piston rings not being seated
  182. Which symptom would indicate that a cylinder liner is scored?
    Low firing pressure
  183. You must wait _____ minutes after securing an engine to open the access cover after experiencing a crankcase explosion.
  184. A clogged injector tip would most likely cause what?
    A distorted spray pattern
  185. Low cooling water temps may cause what?
    Excessive or abnormal wear of cylinders
  186. If a piston crown gets damaged, what should you check for?
    A warped cylinder head
  187. What is a cause of excessive f/o consumption in a gasoline engine?
    Float level too high
  188. Black smoke from an engine would be an indication of what?
    Restricted air supply/overload
  189. White smoke shortly after getting u/w indicates what?
    The engine isn't warm enough for the load
  190. Heavy, dense smoke from an engine indicates what?
  191. Dirty, amber smoke from an engine indicates what?
    Fuel system problems
  192. White smoke from an engine while u/w indicates what?
    Cooling water leaking into the combustion chamber
  193. Blue hazy smoke from an engine indicates what?
    L/O leaking into combustion space
  194. A drop in exhaust temperature and firing pressure (only) would indicate?
    A problem with the f/o system
  195. What is an indication that a cold running engine is running normal upon initial start-up?
    The exhaust smoke and l/o pressure
  196. A spark plug fouled with soft, fluffy, dry black carbon deposits generally indicate?
    A rich fuel-air mixture
  197. What will cause only the lower half of the main bearings to fail
    Overloading of the engine
  198. Pre-ignition in a gasoline engine can be cured by?
    Using a colder plug
  199. floating intake or exhaust valve at high speed indicate what?
    Weak valve springs
  200. You have a diesel engine that turns over but will not start, what is most likely the cause?
    Low governor oil level
  201. Unusual hull, or propeller shaft vibrations can be caused by?
    Excessive engine speed in shallow water
  202. To avoid warping a cylinder head, you loosen bolts using a ?
    Reversed torque pattern
  203. When installing a cylinder liner you must prevent from?
    Cutting the o-ring
  204. What is the most likely cause of f/o dilution?
    Worn cylinder liners
  205. What is the most commonly used cooling system in the Coast Guard?
    Closed system
  206. Hydraulic governors hunt and surge when the ______ is out of adjustment.
    Compensating device
  207. What is the most common cause of burnt exhaust valves?
    Particles of carbon on the valve seat
  208. When should you replace a valve spring according to its lenght?
    When it is more than 3% shorter than the new one
  209. What would be evident if you have severe bearing failure in a large diesel engine?
    Smoke and/or pounding noises
  210. What may cause a metallic clicking noise in a running diesel engine?
    Broken valve springs
  211. Incorrect timing of a diesel engine's intake and exhaust valves will cause what?
    Low compression readings
  212. If you can not crank an engine, but you can bar it over by hand, where is the problem (most likely)?
    In the starting system
  213. Before installing new oil seals, what should be done first?
    Soak them in a light L/O
  214. What instrument is used to measure the rate of air flow?
  215. What is the purpose of a vibration dampner?
    To absorb crankshaft torsional vibrations
  216. Carbon dioxide cylinders must be recharged when the cylinder charge weight is less than what percentage of the stamped full weight?
  217. A graphite additive type grease is best suited for?
    High temperature applications
  218. A pyrometer is capable of producing a voltage by?
    Heating a junction of two dissimilar metals
  219. When one belt of a multiple v-belt drive requires replacing, it is necessary to:
    Replace the entire set
  220. Soldering flux aids the soldering process by:
    Removing oxides
  221. How many times do you stencil piping that passes through a manned space?
    Twice in each space
  222. What is the most common type of flare used on tubing
    45^ Bend
  223. When stenciling a pipe with an outside diameter of four inches, what size should the letters be?
    2 inches high
  224. Before using a torque wrench, you should check
    The calibration date
  225. All log entries in the machinery log and the bell book shall be checked by
    The engineer of the watch
  226. The engineering casualty control mission is designed for
    Maximum reliability
  227. Why are air compressors stages smaller after each stroke?
    To compensate for volumetric decrease in air
  228. The two most prefered methods of flushing piping systems are:
    • Hot flush
    • Hot circulation
  229. At what spacing are hose and tubing supports placed
    24" maximum
  230. Where would you find the tensile strength requirement for helo tie down points on a 378?
    The air capable ships' facilities bulletin
  231. When feeling a pipe or surface for temp, if you can hold your hand on the surface, it is probably below what temp?
  232. On a blueprint, what type of symbol or identifier is placed adjacent to all revised areas except where the entire sheet has been added by revision?
    A triangle revision symbol
  233. Master drawings shall be stamped in?
    Red ink
  234. Drawings that are Coast Guard standard drawings that apply to more than one cutter class are called?
    Fleet drawings
  235. Any formal change to a master drawing must be documented by a?
  236. Master drawings and tech pub drawings are what type?
    Naval engineering drawings
  237. How do you set up negative ventilation on a main space fire?
    Exhaust on high, supply on low
  238. What do micro-organisms do in diesel fuel?
    Promote chemical attack on metal as well as create water as by-product
  239. What should be done prior to stowinga micrometer?
    lightly wipe it with oil
  240. When a valve spring breaks, it may collapse sufficiently to allow what to happen?
    The valve to drop into the cylinder
  241. You are inspecting the piston rings taken from an engine. What characteristics would tell you the rings are operating efficiently.
    • Shiney face and bottom
    • black or dull and top
  242. A small quanitity of oil is added to the cylinder that has had a low compression reading. A second test shows normal compression, what is indicated by this test?
    Worn rings
  243. How long should full power trials last?
    At least 2 hours
  244. What is the function of the flywheel on an engine?
    Stabilizes the crankshaft speed
  245. When does piston slap occur?
    Just after TDC or BDC
  246. What connects the N3 gear box to the N3 governor?
    Flexible drive cable
  247. Stalling of the FT4A gas turbine would most likely be caused by what
    Interrupted air supply
  248. When wire tying a close group of bolts on a turbine, you should use what method?
    Single strand/ single twist
  249. When on a cutter with multiple turbine rooms, how often should they be checked?
  250. How often are hot section inspections done, and what must first be completed before the inspection?
    Every two years and a water wash must first be completed.
  251. What is the purpose of the plenum chamiber
    Increases internal pressure
  252. How often is a bore scope inspection done on a gas turbine?
  253. Combustion chamber on a FT4A/GE gas turbine has perforated walls for what reason? 
    To admit cooling air into the cans
  254. In the can annular combustion chambers, the chamber are ignited how?
    By the use of an igniter plug and flame cross over tubes
  255. What type of anti-seize can be used on the hot section bolts of a gas turbine
    Felpro C-200 anti seize compound
  256. Of the 21,500 SHP available from the FT4A gas generator, Coast Guard ships are designed only to use?
    18,000 SHP
  257. Of all the air consumed by the gas generator, the combustion process uses only about?
  258. The annular type combustion chamber has _____ chamber(s)?
  259. In a gas turbine engine about ________% of air intake is used for cooling?
  260. What converts the energy into useful work in a gas turbine?
    The free turbine (power turbine)
  261. What moves the free turbine on the FT4A gas turbine?
    Exhaust gases from the compressor turbine
  262. The maximum free turbine speed is?
    4,000 RPM
  263. The free turbine exhaust strut case is supported at the three a nine o'clock positions by?
    Adjustable pinned mounts and with vertical adjustment at the 6 o'clock position
  264. The proper sequence for lighting off a gas turbine generator is
    • Rotation
    • Ignition
    • Fuel
    • (RIF)
  265. A gas turbine generator log is a miantenance record furnished by
    The gas turbine manufacturer
  266. On the FT4A gas turbine, you should disassemble and inspect the clutch discs after?
    Emergency engagements
  267. A "C" on the head of a bolt indicates what?
    Corrosion resistant
  268. What is the only major inspection done by Coast Guard personnel on a gas turbine?
    A hot section inspection
  269. The anit-icing air in a gas turbine generator come out of the nose cone through _____ holes.
  270. How many independent rotor systems are employed in the basic gas turbine generator?
  271. The gas turbine generator consists of five major sections:
    • Compressor
    • Combustion
    • Turbine
    • Exhaust
    • Accessory drive
  272. Image Upload 1
  273. Image Upload 2
    Silicon controlled rectifier
  274. Image Upload 3
    Cadmium photocell
  275. Image Upload 4
    Polarized capacitor
  276. Image Upload 5Image Upload 6
  277. Image Upload 7
  278. Image Upload 8
    Variable capacitor
  279. Image Upload 9
    Push button normally open switch
  280. Image Upload 10
    Circuit breaker
  281. Image Upload 11
  282. Image Upload 12
    Double pole single throw switch
  283. Image Upload 13
  284. Image Upload 14
    Multi position switch
  285. Image Upload 15
    Push button two position switch
  286. Image Upload 16
    A C power supply
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