Anthropology Ch. 8 Vocabulary

  1. affines
    In-laws, or people related by marriage
  2. ambilocal residence
    Residence form in which couples choose whether to live with the wife's or the husband's family.
  3. avunculocal residence
    Residence form in which couples live with or near the mother's brother of the husband. Husband's maternal uncle.
  4. bridewealth
    Custom in which a prospective groom and his relatives are required to transfer goods to the relatives of the bride to validate the marriage.
  5. brideservice
    Custom in which a man spends a period of time working for the family of his wife.
  6. bilocal residence
    Postmarital residence in which couples move between the households of both sets of parents.
  7. consanguines
    "Blood" relatives, or people related by birth.
  8. dowry
    Custom in which the family of a woman transfers property or wealth to her and/or her husband's family upon her marriage.
  9. extended family
    A group of related nuclear families
  10. exogamous rules
    Marriage rules prohibiting individuals from marrying a member of their own social group or category.
  11. endogamous rules
    Marriage rules requiring individuals to marry some member of their own social group or category.
  12. fictive kinship
    Condition in which people who are not biologically related behave as if they are relatives of a certain type.
  13. group marriage
    Several women and several men are married to one another simultaneously.
  14. household
    A dwelling or compound whos composition is culturally variable but lived in by people, usually relatives or fictive kin, who cooperate for some purposes and share some resources; a kin group of one or more nuclear families who live in the same physical space.
  15. incest taboo
    Prohibition against sexual intercourse between certain kinds of relatives.
  16. kin group
    A group of people who culturally conceive themselves to be relatives, cooperate in certain activities, and share a sense of identitiy as kinfolk.
  17. levirate
    Custom whereby a widow marries a male relative (usually a brother) of her deceased husband.
  18. monogamy
    Each individual is allowed to have only one spouse at a time.
  19. marriage alliances
    The relationships created between families or kin groups by intermarriage.
  20. matrilocal residence
    Residence form in which couples live with or near the wife's parents.
  21. matrifocal family
    Family group consisting of a mother and her children, with a male only loosely attached or not present at all.
  22. nuclear family
    Family group consisting of a married couple and their offspring.
  23. neolocal residence
    Residence form in which a couple establishes a separate household apart from both the husband's and the wife's parents.
  24. polygyny
    One man is allowed to have multiple wives
  25. polyandry
    One woman is alloewd to have multiple husbands.
  26. polygamy
    Multiple spouses
  27. postmarital residence pattern
    Where the majority of newly married couples establish their own residence.
  28. patrilocal residence
    Residence form in which couples live with or near the husband's parents.
  29. sororate
    Custom whereby a widower marries a female relative of his deceased wife.
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Anthropology Ch. 8 Vocabulary
Anthropology Ch. 8 Vocabulary