115 exam 2

  1. for best treatment of dry skin when should lotion be applied?
    • after shower/bath
    • the water softens the skin and the lotion or cream holds in the moisture
  2. Pruritis is ......

    it is subjective

    caused by stimulation of itch-specific nerve fibers at the dermal-epidermal junction
  3. What is Urticaria?
    • Hives
    • presence of white or red edematous papules or plaques of varying sizes
  4. Treatment of Urticaria
    • removal of triggering substances
    • Antihistamines are helpful
    • Avoid overexertion, warm environments, alcohol consumption this can cause symptoms to worsen
  5. describe pressure ulcer
    tissue damage caused when the skin and underlying tissue are compressed between a bony prominence and an external surface for a period of time

    tissue compression from pressure that restricts blood flow to the skin
  6. how long does it take for pressure ulcer to form
    less than 1 hour
  7. mechanical forces that create pressure ulcers are
    • Friction-when surfaces rub the skin or directly pull off epithelial cells (pt dragged on bed linens)
    • Shearing Forces-are generated when the skin itself is stationary and the tissues below the skin shift or move (pt in semisitting position in bed and gradually slides down)
    • Pressure- occurs as result of gravity
  8. stage 1 pressure ulcer
    • skin is intact
    • area is red and does not blanch
  9. stage 2 pressure ulcer
    • skin is not intact
    • there is a partial thickness skin loss of dermis or epidermis
    • Ulcer is superficial and may be characterized as an abrasion
    • can be open or fluid filled
  10. what is hydrophobic material
    • water proof
    • nonabsorbant
  11. Stage 3 pressure ulcer
    • skin loss is full thickness
    • Sub Q tissue damaged or necrotic
    • damages extends down to but not through underlying fascia
    • bone tendon and muscle are not exposed
  12. Stage 4 pressure ulcer
    • skin loss is full thickness with exposed muscle, tendon or bone
    • often includes undermining and tunneling
    • slough or escar are often present on at least part of the wound
  13. Unstageable Pressure Ulcer
    Skin loss is full thickness and the base is completely covered with slough or escar obscuring the true depth of the wound
  14. hydrophilic
    absorbent material
  15. difference between folliculitis and furuncle
    • Folliculitis is a superficial infection involving only the upper portion of the hair follicle
    • Furuncle is much deeper infection involving the hair follicle
  16. Herpes Simplex I
    classic recurring cold sore
  17. Herpes Simplex II
    genital herpes
  18. herpes zoster
  19. what position should patient be in after rhinoplasty
    • Semi-Fowlers
    • to help reduce edema and promote comfort
  20. side effects for Acutane
    • elevated liver function test
    • dry chapped skin
    • depression in some patients
    • Teratogenic effect
  21. what are women required to do before taking Acutan
    • pregnancy test
    • and strict birth controll
  22. what is important to know about primary angle closure glaucoma
    • less common
    • sudden onset
    • rapid progression
    • it is an emergency!!
  23. w
  24. what are some activities that increase intraocular pressure
    • bending at the waist
    • lifting over 10 pounds
    • sneezing, coughing, blowing the nose
    • straining to have BM
    • vomiting
    • having intercourse
    • keeping the head in a dependent position
    • wearing shirts with tight collars
  25. post op care forĀ  eye surgery
    • eye patch and shield are usually put on
    • if gas or oil used position pt on abdomen
    • instruct to keep affected ear facing up (don't lay on it) for several days
    • teach pt to avoid reading, writing, and close work like sewing fir the first week
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