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  1. TH1 cytokines
    • IFN-γ
    • GM-CSF
    • TNF-α
    • IL-3
    • TNF-β
  2. TH2 cytokines
    • IL-4
    • IL-5
    • IL-10
    • IL-3
    • TGF-β
  3. IL-1
    • pro-inflammatory
    • Producer: monocyte, macrophage, B cells, dendritic cells 
    • Target Cell:Th cell, B cell, NK
    • Function:costimulation, maturation and proliferation, activation, and inflammation, acute phase response, fever
  4. IL-2
    • Hematopoietin
    • Producer: TH1 and T0
    • Target Cell: activated  T cells, B cells, and NK cells
    • Function: T cell growth factor, cell growth proliferation, activation, and synthesis of Ab
  5. IL-3
    • multi-CSF and hematopoietin
    • Producer: Th cells, NK cells , mast cells
    • Target Cell: stem cells and mast cells:
    • Function: Stem cells- growth factor of hematopoietic cells growth and differentiation; mast cells- growth and histamine release
  6. IL-4
    • hematopoietin
    • Producer: TH2 cells, CD4T-cells, and mast cells
    • Target Cell: activated B cells, macrophages, and T cells
    • Function: proliferation and differentiation, IgG and IgE synthesis, MHC Class II proliferation, growth factor for B cells and inhibits TH1 CD4T cells
  7. IL- 5
    • hematopoietin
    • Producer: TH2 cells, mast cells
    • Target Cell: activated B cells
    • Function: proliferation and differentiation, IgA synthesis, stimulates B cell growth and Ig secretion
  8. IL-6
    • hematopoietin
    • Producer: monocytes, macrophages, TH2 cells and stroma cells
    • Target Cell:activated B cells, T cells, stem cells, various, neuorons and osteoblasts
    • Function: B- differentiation into place cells and secretion of Ab; T- Costimulator of T cells; Stem- differentiation; various-acute phase response (protein synthesis; n and o- neuronal differentiation and bone loss
  9. IL -7
    • Producer: marrow stroma, thymus stroma, some T cells
    • Target Cell: stem cells
    • Function: differentiation into proegenetior B and T cells, GF for T and B cells
  10. IL-9
    • Producer: T cells
    • Target Cell: mast cells
    • Function: mast cell activation
  11. IL-10
    • Producer: TH2 cells and macrophages
    • Target Cell: macrophages and B cells
    • Function: m- inhibition of macrophage function and cytokine production; b- activation and inhibits the production of TH1 cells
  12. IL-11
    • Producer: fibroblasts
    • Target Cell:
    • Function: Stimulates megakarycyte (platelet precursors)
  13. IL -12
    • Producer: B cells, macrophages
    • Target Cell:NK and activation T cells
    • Function: activates NK cells and Tc differentiation into CTL (w/  IL2)
  14. IL-13
    • Producer: T cells
    • Function: shares characteristics as IL-4
  15. IL-14
    • Producer: T cells
    • Function: involved with development of memory B cells
  16. IL-15
    • Producer: T cells and epithelial cells
    • Function: T cell GF and similar to IL-2
  17. IL-16
    • Producer: T cells, eosinophils, and mast cells
    • Function:  chemotatic for T cells, proinflammatory
  18. IL- 17 family
    • IL-17 a-f
    • Producer: T cells
    • FunctionL: proinflammatory cytokine role in autoimmunity
  19. IL-18
    • Producer: macrophages, monocytes, dendritic cells
    • Function:
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