1. Xylography
    relief printing from a raised surface (originated in Asia)
  2. Typography
    is a term for printing with independent movable and reusable bits of metal or wood type (each piece having a raised letter form on the face).
  3. Watermark
    a translucent emblem produced by pressure from a raise design on the papermaking mold and visible when the sheet of paper is held to light.
  4. Motif
    recurring subject or theme, idea or design element.
  5. Block Book
    image and lettering cut from the same block of wood. Usually had a religious subject matter (such as the apocalypse) with brief text.
  6. Flocking
    a fuzzy texture created by the use of glue and powdered wool on paper.
  7. Johann Gutenberg
    inventor of the first printing press. he was a goldsmith, developing the metalworking and engraving skills for making type.
  8. Punch
    individual piece of steel, used to stamp an impression of letter form into a soft metal.
  9. Lampblack
    a fine black pigment consisting of almost pure carbon. gathered form soot, gas, burned oil containing carbon.
  10. Press
    based on the design of a wine press; a large screw lowers a plate and ink is pressed from the type onto the paper surface with enough force to make an impression.
  11. Margin
    space between paragraphs on a page.
  12. Engraving
    printing made from an incised (cut)plate
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