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    • Alphabet
    • is a group of symbols that represent the elementary sounds of a spoken language. The word is derived from the Greek two letters Alpha and Beta.
  1. Crete, Cretan, Minoan
    the Mediterranean is just after Egypt and Mesopotamia in its early advancement in the western world.The Minoan Phaistos Disc used picture symbols that later developed into the Greek alphabet.
  2. Phoenician
    an early Semitic culture of the Mediterranean (now Lebanon) that created the first true alphabet.
  3. Calligraphy, calligraphic
    ink writing using a wide flat pen.Comes from the Greek meaning "beauty writing".
  4. Greek
    refers to forms of language and art from about 1500 BCE to 300 BCE.Greek accomplishments included the development of science, philosophy, democracy, art, architecture, theater,and literature.
  5. Unicals
    a style of writing with a few rounded strokes (basically script capital letters).
  6. Alexandria
    Egyptian city founded by Alexander the Great, with libraries containing hundreds of thousands of scrolls.
  7. Latin Alphabet
    precursor to the modern Roman alphabet; came to the Romans from Greece by the way of the Etruscan people.
  8. Serif
    small lines extended from end of major strokes of a letterform.
  9. Baseline
    the line which letters in a common word sit upon.
  10. Legibility
    the clearness, clarity (readability) of written words.
  11. Capitals
    large, open square style of letter written for clarity and legibility (latin: Capitalis Quadrata).
  12. Stylus
    writing tool used to mark into a surface.
  13. Parchment
    writing surface made from skins of domestic animals; calves, sheep, ect.
  14. Vellum
    the finest parchment, made of the smooth skin of newborn calves.
  15. Codex
    book form developed by the Greeks around the time of Jesus of Nazareth.
  16. Logogram
    graphic signs which represent entire words: $' @, &
  17. Colophon
    a publisher's emblem at the opening page of a book, listing the name of the printer, publisher,date, etc.
  18. Movable type
    block letterforms that can be arranged and rearranged for planning
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