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    • Paleolithic
    • the period of time between 750,000 BCE to 8,000 BCE, when humans used chipped stone tools. The Old Stone Age: "paleo" = old. "lith" = stone.
  1. Neolithic
    the period between 8,000 BCE to 5,000 BCE, characterized by settled agriculture & the use of polished stone tools and weapons.
  2. Utilitarian
    to be used for a function or purpose; for utility, as opposed to decorative.
  3. Prehistoric
    a period before recorded history.
  4. Petroglyps
    simple figures carved or scratched on rock.
  5. Ideographs
    symbols representing ideas or concepts.
  6. Cuneiform
    the earliest form of written language. Wedge-shaped writing developed by the Sumerians of the Ancient Near East (Mesopotomia, currently Iraq) around 3000 BCE
  7. Rebus writing
    pictures representing words/syllables with the same or similar sound as the object represented.
  8. Stele
    an inscribed or carved stone slab erected to depict or state information.
  9. Hieroglyphics
    a picture writing system developed by the Ancient Egyptians. Greek "hiero" = sacred, "glyph" = carving.
  10. Cartouche
    a specific set of hieroglyphics, a "word" or name defined.
  11. Decorative
    made for ornamental purposes (as opposed to having a useful function)
  12. Papyrus
    a paper-like substrate for writing manuscripts. Made from flowers and roots weaved together.
  13. Recto
    the upper horizontal fibers of a papyrus; the "front" of the page.
  14. Verso
    the bottom vertical fibers of the papyrus; the "back" of the page .
  15. Scroll
    a long roll of papyrus or paper.
  16. The Book of the Dead
    an Egyptian book written in first person narrative by the deceased. The Book of the Dead tells of the triumps over the dangers in the under world, the journey into afterlife.
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