genetic engineering

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  1. What is used to isolate the gene from the DNA strand?
    restriction enzymes
  2. What is one example of a protein product that is produced using recombinant technology?
    insulin, hormones
  3. How can recombinant technology be used by humans?
    Insulin can be massed produced for diabetic patients.
  4. Wide variety of dogs are a result of what genetic process?
    Selective breeding
  5. What are 2 things gel electrophoresis is used for?
    • Determining parents
    • convicting criminals
  6. list 4 techniques that can be used to identify a genetic disorder
    • amniocentesis
    • karotyping
    • blood screening
    • electrophoresis
  7. list 3 genetic disorders
    • cystic fibrosis
    • hemophilia
    • sickle cell anemia
  8. how is possible for a parent to have a genetic disorder and their offspring not display symptoms?
    • A: the disorder is recessive that doesn't show
    • B: sex(gender) linked trait/disorder
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