Medical Keyboarding Quiz #2

  1. Default
    A value or setting that a program automatically selects if you do not specify a substitute
  2. Default Font
    Times New Roman refers to the standard style of lettering used for most documents
  3. Default Font Size
    The standard accepted size of the character is size 12
  4. Default Printer
    The one that is pre-assigned for all print jobs for a specific computer when there is more than one printer available
  5. Default Page Margins
    Are set as 1 inch top and bottom, 1 1/4 (1.25) inches left and right, which are the standard acceptable margins for a document
  6. Default Line Spacing
    Is set as single-spaced. This means when the cursor advances to the next line it positions directly under the previous line
  7. Default Text Alignment
    Align text left, all text lines up evenly on the left margin
  8. Default Tab Stops
    Are set every 1/2 inch on the horizontal ruler. Which is how far the cursor advances each time you hit the tab key
  9. Default File Name
    The first group of words the computer detects in a document when you initially save it.
  10. Default Page Orientation
    Is "portrait"  How your document prints out which is 8 1/2 x 11
  11. Default Save Location
    My Documents is where all files are saved automatically on a computer initially
  12. Insertion Point
    A blinking vertical line in the document window that indicates where text appears as you type
  13. Screentip
    A label that indentifies the name of the button or feature your mouse is resting on and tells you what it does
  14. Word Wrap
    A feature that automatically moves the insertion point to the next line when you reach the right margin
  15. Autocomplete
    A feature that automatically suggests text to insert into your document as you type
  16. Autocorrect
    A feature that automatically detects and corrects typing errors, minor spelling errors and capitalization as you type
  17. Save
    To store a file permanently in a location
  18. Save As
    A command used to save a file for the first time or to rename an existing file with a different name leaving the original file intact
  19. Select
    To highlight text or an item in order to perform some function on it
  20. Mini Toolbar
    A toolbar that appears faintly above text when you first select it and includes the most commonly used text and paragraph formatting commands
  21. Print Preview
    A full-page view of a document that you can use to check its layout before you print
  22. Zoom Level Button
    A button on the status bar that you use to change the zoom level of a document.  This button allows you to zoom in (document appears bigger) or zoom out (document appears smaller)
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Medical Keyboarding Quiz #2
Medical Keyboarding Quiz #2