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    • The _____ is the electrical control which controls the start-up & shutdown sequence of the boiler.
    • Flame safeguard control
  1. A marine propulsion unit transmits the power from the _____ to the ______
    Driving unit to the driven unit
  2. If there is churning or emulsification of oil and water in the gear case, the gear must be _____ or _____ until the defect is remedied.
    Slowed down or stopped
  3. The second function of aligning shaft is to align the _____ to the ____ of the red gear main motor, or slow speed diesel
    Shaft flange to the output flange
  4. Shaft alignment when used in the marine field generally involves ______ functions
  5. In a fin & tube heat exchanger the fins _____ surface area and aid in transferring heat
  6. A _____ and ______ are installed between the pump discharge, and the boiler water inlet connection to prevent backflow of water through the pump.
    Check valve and solenoid valve
  7. Backflushing is only required for ____ plate type heat exchanger
    Sea water cooled
  8. The ______ is used on an auxiliary boiler to produce a controlled fire in the combustion chamber in order to heat boiler water
    Burning unit
  9. _____ allow ______ to flow back to the condensate tank but trap the steam
    Steam traps allow condensate
  10. Inside the skin of the ship, shafting is supported on
    Line shaft bearings
  11. A distribution symbol consists of two digits
    First digit is an upper case letter that groups units by major types

    Second digit indicates the specific type of unit
  12. The standard distribution list is used for two basic purposes
    Provides various pieces of contact info for every coast guard unit

    Provides institution for correspondence handling throughout the coast guard
  13. Sdl pages one & two list
    All coast guard units alphabetically and include distribution symbols and page numbers for each type of unit
  14. Overheating of a propulsion transmission can be attributed to
    Trolling to high an engine speed
  15. A _______ does not cause low oil pressure in a propulsion transmission
    Stuck regulating piston in the selector valve assembly
  16. The _______ is a safety device designed to shutdown the burner in the event the operative pressure control does not secure the boiler at normally prescribed cut out point of 26 psi
    High limit pressure control switch
  17. The feedwater is heated slightly as it passes through two heat-exchangers before entering the tubes of the ______ condensor
    First stage
  18. In a _____ type evaporator the feedwater is heated in a series of shell and tube type heat exchangers and then discharged into the _____ flash chamber
    Six stage

    First stage
  19. 3 most common types of heat exchangers used in the coast guard
    • Shell & tube
    • Plate type
    • Fin & tube
  20. Two terms used to describe gear mechanisms are?
    Speed & gear ratio
  21. What is the u.s. flag called when carried on foot?
  22. _____ is the force that causes a rotational (twisting) movement of an object
  23. What is the correct repair method for a clutch drum surface that is badly grooved or worn?
    Re-machine drum surfaces as outlined in the manufacturers tech pub
  24. Satisfactory contact % of gear tooth bearing contacting across the axial length of the working surface is ____ %
  25. What doesn't cause low oil pressure in a propeller transmission?
    Stuck regulating pistion in the selector valve assembly
  26. In the event of a hydraulic failure in the propulsion transmission, which component is designed to allow the ship to return to port?
    Come home feature
  27. During the wear-in period for new gears or bearing, metal flakes & dirt not removed may result in a
    Clogged oil spray nozzles
  28. Which component of a propulsion transmission maintains the oil in the reduction gear sump at the proper temp?
    Heat exchanger
  29. To reduce the propeller rpm and to permitt the high engine rpm for operation of engine accesories, what type of assembly should be installed?
    Trolling valve assembly
  30. No inspection plate, connection fitting, or cover that permits access to the gear casing should be removed without specific authorization by the?
  31. Under what circumstances can open gear cases be left unattended?
    If satisfactory temporary closures have been installed
  32. When should a final alignment of a propulsion engine to shafting be attempted?
    When vessel is in the water
  33. What alignment function is used to eliminate shaft-excited vibration and noise?
    Align bearings that support the shaft
  34. What type of shaft is supported by the line shaft spring bearing?
    Shafting inside the ships skin
  35. The section of shafting outside the skin of the ship are usually supported with?
  36. Loose, damaged, or leaking oil, fuel or coolant lines can cause?
  37. What should you place on all exposed driveshafts, belt pulleys, or similar rotating parts prior to working on marine gear?
    Safety guards
  38. How long may a sea trial period be required to last in order to demonstrate proper operation of an overhauled mde?
    4-6 hrs
  39. What system does the supervisor of an engine overhaul use to document completion of the overhaul?
  40. How often will the supervisor of an engine overhaul conduct and complete a progress report?
  41. Which stage of an overhaul should a supervisor order all consumables required to complete the task?
  42. What step in supervising serves to identify that work has been performed properly & evaluates the skills and knowledge of personnel who have performed the work?
    Inspecting the job
  43. Greatest contribution you can make as a supervisor?
    Develop good leaders
  44. ____ and _____ are terms used to describe gear type mechanisms?
    • Speed ratio
    • Gear ratio
  45. What components should you check prior to engine disassembly for an overhaul?
    Face and bore alignment between engine flywheel and flex coupling
  46. Heat is applied to room temp water. The temp of the water rises. This is called?
    Sensible heat
  47. After the last drop of water is vaporized and heat is continued to be added. Temp of the steam begins to rise again is called?
    Sensible heat (super heated)
  48. As the saturated steam gives up its heat, the steam turns back into its liquid state, this liquid is called?
  49. _____ shall be used to assess watch station performance for all drills & exercises?
    Onboard training team
  50. At ____ of the operating hour overhaul intervual (top end center section) the supervisor shall assess the condition of the engine as per the nem?
  51. The _____ will be responsible for ensuring flexible hoses, valves, gauges, and all consumable items required for the overhaul are ordered?
  52. When bearings have been overheated, gears should not be operated except in?
    Extrem emergencies
  53. Most commonly used method for backing down power, accomplished by reversing the direction of the propeller shaft rotation?
    Reverse gear
  54. Always inspect the shaft journal and ______ any rough or scored patches. Coat the bearing white-metal surfaces with _____ before installing
    Stone smooth

    Clean oil
  55. Plate type heat exchangers are made up of parallel plates separated by ______
  56. On disassembly of a plate type heat exchanger, slide the movable frame _____ from the plate pack. Carefully separate the plates and slide them ______ of the unit. Starting from the ____ of the plate pack.
    • Away
    • Toward the rear
    • Back
  57. No more than _____ of the tubes can be plugged. If this limit is exceeded, the heat exchanger will not function properly
  58. Do not use _____ adhesives on plate type heat exchanger gaskets
  59. There are two types of auxiliary boilers
    • Firetube
    • Watertube
  60. _____ are commonly used where engines furnish power for auxiliaries. (E.g. generators & pumps)
    Direct drives
  61. Boiler blowdowns are done ______ or when the total dissolved solids is above _____ parts per million
    • Daily
    • 1000 ppm
  62. Boilers: using the tri cock valves during normal ops, opening the top valve Should discharge ______ and opening the bottom valve should discharge _____
    • Steam
    • Water
  63. A condensate or _____ is used to pump water from the condensate tank to the boiler
    Feed pump
  64. The lead sulfide detector is located on top of the ______ _______
    Burner assembly
  65. What is the purpose of the lead sulfide detector?
    Assure a flame is present in the combustion chamber during the ignition period, and to monitor flame presence during the run cycle.
  66. Exercise evaluations will be maintained by the training officer for a minimum of how many years? After exercise has been completed
    2 years
  67. What two dept. Require to maintain a tag-out log on a whec, wmec & wagb?
    Ops & engineering
  68. Number of tag-out logs maintained by a cutter depends on cutter _____
  69. Who shall you send the cutter engineering report?
    Mlc via the chain of command
  70. _____ ______ must be submitted before the third a-team meeting is convened in the availability process?
    Drydocking reports
  71. Allows both the engine and propeller to operate efficiently?
    Reduction gear
  72. The condensate tank is separated from the steam users by the means of a _____?
    Steam trap
  73. ____ is stored in a tank and is the source of water for the boiler?
  74. ____ are necessary to avoid the accumulation of sludge in the waterside of the boiler
  75. The flashing of the feedwater occurs when the pressure in the flash chamber is _____ than the saturation pressure of the feed temperature
  76. The remaining warm brine then enters the _____ stage flash chamber through restrictions at the bottom of the feed box
  77. The _____ for the evaporator is supplied from the sea and enters the system through a suction sea chest
  78. Engine-run in: run in the main engine dockside for a period of approximately ____ per manufacturers instruction
    5 hours
  79. Test data obtained during the run-in shall be recorded & submitted to appropriate authority within _____ after completion
    48 hours
  80. Piston wear is characterized by an excessive clearance between ___ and the _____
    Piston & cylinder
  81. The primary purpose of propulsion shafting it to transfer the _____ generated by the main engine to the propeller and to transmit the _____ developed by the propeller to the thrust bearing in the ship
    • Torque
    • Thrust
  82. The _____ relay is used to control boiler operations based on a safe water level in the boiler
    Low water
  83. The first function of aligning shafts is the ___?
    Bearings that support the shaft
  84. Primarily used as an alternative method of checking the boiler water level in the event the sight glass is ooc
    Tri-cock valves
  85. Advantages of a watertube boiler:
    Disadvantages are:
    • Less warm up time
    • Ratio of size and weight to steam produced
    • Disadvantages:
    • Requires more maintenance
    • Expensive to build
  86. Advantages & disadvantages of a firetube boiler
    • Inexpensive to build
    • Simple to operate
    • Less maintenance
    • Disadvantages: long warm up time
    • Weight of unit for amount of steam produced
  87. ____ results when sufficient heat is added to water which causes it to vaporize (boil)
  88. The temp at which water boils is called the boiling point or ______?
    Saturation temp
  89. For any given pressure, water begins to boil at predetermined temp.
    The lower the pressure the ______ the saturation temp.
    The higher the pressure the _____ the saturation temp
    • Lower
    • Higher
  90. Groups/sectors & district commanders shall schedule a regular detailed boat inspection, at an interval not to exceed ______ between inspection
    1 year
  91. The ____ personnel available within the group / sector or command should conduct the inspection
    Most qualified
  92. Barges, floating cranes and similar craft regardless of length also require a detailed ______
    Boat inspection report
  93. A casualty report should be submitted for any equipment malfunction or deficiencies that cannot be corrected within 48 hours and affects the units ____ and _____ _______
    Primary & secondary missions
  94. Used in mechanical drives to disconnect the engine from the propeller shaft
  95. On large cutters, teams of ______ to _____ or more may be appropriate
    3 to 6
  96. _____ are used to record and update unscheduled maintenance repair & casualties
    Corrective maintenance actions
  97. Boat inspection reports need to be updated upon renewal of any _____ to either ______ or ______
    • Major overhaul
    • Engine
    • Reduction gear
  98. A detailed boat inspection report, shall be submitted on all boats less than ____ except those boats powered by _____ and ____ boat
    • 65 feet
    • Outboard engine
    • Non powered boats
  99. Drydocking reports shall be fowarded to ____ via servicing _____
    • Mlc
    • Nesu
  100. Integrated training team for cutters ____ and over in length
  101. The boat inspection report shall be submitted by the unit via the chain of command to _______ . Submission must be made within _____ days after completion of report.
    • Mlc
    • 10
  102. Submit cutter engineering report no latter than?
    31 January
  103. Units shall submit a casrep within ____ hours after the occurrence of a significant equipment casualty which cannot be corrected within _____ hours.
    • 24
    • 48
  104. Cutter engineering report shall be submitted annually covering a _____ period ending ______
    • 12 months
    • 31 December
  105. Whom shall you send the boat inspection report to?
    • (Unit shall keep original)
    • Mlc
    • Area/district boat manager
  106. When to send a update?
    Submit ASAP, after the need to submit change or additional info is realized
  107. Is a directive of a one time or brief nature
    Notices have self canceling provisions
    Remains in effect until date of cancellation. Automatically canceled after 1 year
    Notice (note)
  108. Is a permanent type of institution containing 25 or more pages.
    Must be reviewed annually for content and are cancelled by originator or higher authority
    • Manual
    • (M)
  109. On small cutters, a team may only consist of how many members?
  110. Initiates drills and exercise and/or discloses targets; functions as an evaluator after drill begins
    Drill/exercise initiator
  111. Observes and grades the actions of watch team members
  112. Functions as a team leader and conducts exercise planning and record keeping
    Training team leader
  113. The ____ model is used to address more general risk concerns, which involve planning operations, or reassessing risk as we reach milestones within our plans
    • Gar
    • (Green, amber, red)
  114. Prior to starting a drill or exercise, a _____ must be completed
    Safety walkthrough
  115. How many points will be deducted from the overall drill score for a major safety violations
  116. What may be considered as the most important part of a drill exercise
    Collecting & providing accurate feedback
  117. Safety observer
    Ensures that procedures are in compliance with applicable safety precautions & requirements

    All team members are primary safety observers
  118. Ssmr priority 2
    • Early accomplishment desireable
    • (6 months - 2 years)
  119. To be accomplished as part of normal backlog procedures
    Up to 5 years
    Majority of units ssmrs fit into this category if the unit backlog is properly managed
    Ssmr priority 3
  120. Immediate accomplishment for unit to perform its mission
    Ssmr priority 1
  121. Two types of heat are
    • Sensible heat
    • Latent heat
  122. Common reasons to change an ssmr
    • Safety issues
    • Lack of personnel
    • Interferences
    • Missing drawings or drawing parts
  123. Hull inspection reports & underwater body paint report are required to be submitted after each _____ or _____ _____ before convening the third a-team meeting
    • Routine
    • Emergency drydocking
  124. The underwater body paint report also needs to be submitted whenever _____ _____ is done on the boot top area
    Touch-up painting
  125. ____ provides electronic copies of the technical pubs and drawings that are required to be maintained
  126. The ne-tims is an open database hosted from the ____ website
  127. Dpri is made up of _____ sections
  128. The structure of the dpri and descriptions of the various codes used in the index can be found in chapter ____
  129. What are the two resources that may be accessed to determine which pubs are required to be maintained by a unit and if there are available updates
    • Directives, pubs & reports index
    • (Dpri comdtnote5600)
    • Naval engineering technical information management system
    • (Ne-tims)
  130. The condensate tank is filled from the potable water system when there are?
    • Leaks
    • Blowdowns
    • Discharge of steam to atmosphere
  131. The seawater feed pump suctions seawater from the sea chest via a strainer and discharges the sea water through the _____ and _____ cooler
    • Vacuum pump cooler
    • Distillate
  132. A ____ is installed on the tank to prevent the pump motor and solenoid valve from becoming energized in the event the condensate tank water level is low
    Float switch
  133. ____ is a secondary fail safe safety shutdown in case the float type water cutoff and pump control becomes inoperative
    Probe type low water cutoff
  134. The _____ is located on top of the boiler. The motor drives a squirrel cage type blower which provides combustion air to the combustion chamber
    Burner motor
  135. The _____ relay is located in the control panel and serves to energize or De-energize the burner motor
  136. The _____ is the primary device to control the start and stop sequence of a boiler
    Operative pressure control switch
  137. Two _____ relays are installed in the control panel. They are electrically connected to the water level control circuits to prevent short cycling of the controls due to changes in water level due to ships motion
    Adjustable time delay
  138. Two _____ relays are provided in the control panel. There purpose is to energize an audible alarm in the event of low water or flame failure
    Alarm interlock
  139. Prior to disassembly, check the face and bore alignment between the engine ____ and the _____
    Flywheel & flexible coupling
  140. A ____ is a code used to group units by type for the purpose of distributing directives & pubs
    Distribution symbol
  141. Distribution information for each directive is found in chapter?
  142. To maintain a directive that is not listed to be distributed to your platform, initiate an?
    Allowance change request
  143. What function does the piston and spring serve on the oil return pipe assembly?
    Regulate the low pressure oil supply
  144. What design feature in the plate face of the driven clutch plates permits the flow of cooling & lubricating oil to pass with equal distribution?
    Grid pattern
  145. Two types of latent heat
    • Vaporization
    • Condensation
  146. Probably the greatest factor affecting the wearing of piston rings is a?
    Worn cylinder liner
  147. Symtoms associated with inadequate clutch performance
    • Slippage & wear (friction clutches)
    • Clutch drum surface is badly grooved or worn
    • Worn friction linings
    • Glazed friction linings
    • Oil & grease contamination of friction surface
  148. Types of steam traps
    • Thermostatic float type
    • Inverted bucket type
  149. The quantity of fresh water produced depends upon the following
    Quantity of seawater feed entering the first stage flash chamber

    The total reduction in temperature of this seawater feed in the flashing process
  150. ____ are not repairable and must be completely replaced if an inspection reveals:
    A broken cage
    Heat damage (blue discoloration)
    Indentation in the bearing races
    Rolling contract bearings
  151. Steam that is at the temp and psi that it was formed is called?
    Saturated steam
  152. _____ describes a drive mechanism that changes speed and torque
    Indirect drive
  153. Arrangement of the drive mechanism components
  154. The first stage contains a feed assembly and _____
    Flash device
  155. All sleeve bearings are precision machined items and _____ the bores is not recommend
  156. As water reaches the saturation temp the temp stops rising, even though heat is still being applied. At this point the water changes from liquid to gas. The temp remains constant until all the water is vaporized. This heat is called?
    Latent heat
  157. Steam which contains 20% moisture is considered _____ quality
  158. During overhaul extension period, the unit shall continue to complete all required maintenance, tests and____?
  159. A bright spot found on each end of a broken rings indicates _____?
    Insufficient gap clearance
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