hist since final 3

  1. who declared thanksgiving a national holiday?
    bae lincoln
  2. when did he declared thanksgiving a national holiday?
  3. where did the term thanksgving originate?
    • term used in england to give thanks
    • when things were bad- fast
    • when things were good- thanksgiving
  4. thanksgiving started in what part of us?
    new england states
  5. when is thanksgiving?
    last thursday in novemeber
  6. who tried to reschedule thanksgiving and why?
    roosevelt tried to move it up a week to increase time for holiday shopping thus helping the economy republican states refused
  7. hail
    made thanksgivng more public
  8. what states didnt like the idea of a national thanksgiving?
  9. how started football games on thanksgiving ? (what team)
  10. when did the macys day parade start?
  11. in what year did roosevelt try to reschedule thanksgiving?
  12. since wwII what what the president done to bird given to the white house for thanksgiving?
  13. who considers thanksgiving a day of mourning?
  14. who stated are you better off now than you were four years ago during thw 1980 election
  15. who were the reagan democrates
    conservative democrates
  16. in the 80s there was a backlash against?
    the social liberalism of the 1960s and 19702
  17. who stated governement is not the solution to our problems......government is the problem during their inauguration speak?
  18. what did reagan want to do with dentent with soviets?
    reverese he saw them as evil and didnt want to deal with them
  19. what happend march 1981?
    • assassination attempt on reagan
    • ended curse
  20. reagonmics
    • trickle down eco
    • voo-doo eco
    • tax cut to wealthy to invest and creat jobs
  21. who was the first woman appointed to the us surpreme court
    sandra day oconner
  22. sandra day oconner
    1981 reagan appointed her as the first us surpreme court
  23. how many leaders the soviet have between 1917-1981?
  24. who feared reagan?
  25. under reagan us continued support for who?
    afghanistan and irag
  26. who did us invade in 1983 and why?
    • grenada
    • small island in atlantic
    • prime minister was excuted by commis
  27. what was reagans plan towards the soviets?
    • out spend
    • military spending
    • technology spending
  28. when did the berlin wall fall after what event and who did it?
    • 1989
    • a year after reagan said mr. gorbachev tear down this wall
    • military of russia
  29. when did the cold war end
    under which president
    under whos policies
    • 1991
    • bush
    • reagan
  30. when did terrorism become more of a problems?
  31. what happen in lebanon in 1983?
    • 250 marines killed
    • cia starts looking for leader of liba
  32. contra affair
    • who: oliver north
    • what: after boland amendment in 1984 that canceled us deal with contras to help freedon fighter came up with a plan to sell arms to iran to help get hostages back money from arms went to contras
    • where:
    • when: november 1986
    • why:
  33. election of 1984 was between who
    reagan v modale (carters vp)
  34. the 1980s what considered the ________decade?
  35. how did reagan feel about aids?
    • gay cancer
    • wouldnt give funds to research
  36. during the 80s what happens to the parties?
    switch in title but not belief
  37. who was the first african american national security advisior?
    colin powell
  38. who did reagan throw his support to in the election of 1988?
  39. victory in cold war?
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